'I am my hair'

Six students show how cool hair is crucial to their style

The Spectrum

As Lady Gaga so expertly puts it, “I’m the spirit of my hair / it’s all the glory that I bare.” Hair plays a crucial part in many people’s individuality.

These six UB students embody this belief with the some of the best hairstyles The Spectrum could find around campus.

Angelica Chaudry, sophomore psychology major

Chaudry spent six-and-a-half hours giving herself blue and black Marley twists.

“I knew everyone was going to do purple or red, and blue is my favorite color so I went with it,” she said.

Jessica Calderon, sophomore communication major and Lisa Deabreu, junior art major

Calderon and Deabrew both show the bigger the better when it comes to curly hair. They like to let their long and bouncy locks of hair free.

“Shea butter and coconut oil is all I use,” Calderon said.

Vivian Huang, sophomore exercise science major

Huang wears her hair in an asymmetrical black and blonde cut. After bleaching her hair multiple times, she tried to get the color to a grayish-white.

“My hair is like this now because it’s growing out from when I shaved the sides a year ago,” Huang said.

Jordan Hall, junior physical therapy major

Hall shaved a design in the back of her head to change up her big curls. She likes to wear a high bun or ponytail to show off the design.

“I did it just to do something different and be spontaneous,” Hall said.

Adam Bryla, freshman aerospace engineering major

Bryla takes time every morning to make sure his hair is sleek and clean. He makes the classic side comb-over fresh and modern.

“I just shower and use American Crew fiber,” Bryla said.

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