Heard Around UB: What's your favorite movie?

Arts Editor Tori asks students about their preferred films

Whether you’ve seen tens or hundreds of movies, can you pick one movie that rises above the rest? Compiled here is a list of picks from students hanging around the union on Sunday. See if you agree with their choices.

Think Like A Man

Katie chose the star-studded romantic comedy, Think Like a Man, as her favorite movie. The film stars Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart and a slew of other celebrities. It follows the tale of four women who use Steve Harvey’s love advice for their men.

Before long, the men begin to realize they are being played, and retaliate. The movie is based around Steve Harvey’s book “Act like a lady, think like a man,” and unfolds as the battle of the sexes ensues between the groups of friends.

Carmen Jones

The 1954 film is a contemporary version of a Bizet opera, or an opera modeled after the famous French composer Georges Bizet. With some new lyrics and an African American cast, this updated version of a classic is filled with drama.

The film takes place at an all black army camp in which the lovely Carmen Jones (Dorothy Danbridge, Marco Polo) falls for the already engaged Joe (Harry Belafonte, “Dancing With The Stars”). The two make efforts to stay together amidst the tragedy of war.

Love and Basketball

This basketball movie mixes romance with Basketball, and follows Quincy (Omar Epps, “Resurrection”) and Monica (Sanaa Lathan, The Best Man Holiday) as they grow up together and learn to love both basketball and one another. The two aspire to be NBA stars, just like Quincy’s father (Dennis Haysbert, “Backstrom”).

The film begins when Monica and Quincy are 11-years-old. The two remain friends through high school and come out a couple, but break up when problems arise with Quincy’s father. They meet again as professionals, which is when “the game” really begins.


The classic 1990s mob movie stars Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci. It follows the three as they commit a robbery that goes wrong – De Niro (The Bag Man) and Pesci (Love Ranch) kill off everyone else involved. As the two gangsters use this to move up the mafia ladder, Liotta (Stretch) knows he’s the only one who can take down the ruthless criminals.

De Niro and Pesci push boundaries with their reckless behavior throughout the movie, as Liotta is forced to watch his friends commit crimes and make a mess out of their city.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The summer blockbuster rocked theatres with its unconventional tale of a group of unconventional heroes who help save the galaxy from the wrath of Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace, “Halt and Catch Fire”). The film focuses around Peter Quill or Starlord (Chris Pratt, “Parks and Recreation), a space bandit from earth who quickly finds himself the subject of a manhunt and befriended by the Guardian of the Galaxy’s other members.

The film is filled with a great cast of characters as part of Starlord’s crew, from Rocket the Raccoon (Bradley Cooper, Serena) to Groot (Vin Diesel, Riddick), a lovely, yet vicious tree who has one line with one line, “I am Groot.” On top of the remarkable cast, Guardians of the Galaxy is action packed – who doesn’t love a good space battle?


Harid picks this film because of its star, Christian Bale (American Hustle). Bale plays a top ranking government agent in a new, Facist regime who misses a vital dose of the daily medication that suppresses his emotions. He begins to see what the world has become and makes it his mission to stop problems in the world. The thriller plays on the possibility of a utopia-gone-wrong, and creates a film full of plot twists and futuristic fight scenes.

Batman Trilogy

Austin chose the Christopher Nolan series for its action and storyline. The Dark Knight movies follow Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale, American Hustle), the rich vigilante who saves the city from crime under the cover of darkness. Whether it’s his cool gadgets, intimidating demeanor, or overall hero stature, Wayne’s not someone you want to make angry.

All three movies follow Wayne as he faces new criminals, new love interests, and the scariest change: growing older. Fans of the superhero can battle over the differences between the comics and movies, but still enjoy elements of both.

There Will Be Blood

The Oscar winning film stars Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln) as miner-turned oilman, Daniel Plainview, who aims to do whatever it takes to protect his family and get ahead in the industry.

Trouble arises when Eli Sunday (Paul Dano Love & Mercy), local preacher and self proclaimed faith healer, contacts Plainview to buy the oil-filled land his family lives on. Sunday seeks money to build a church, while Plainview seeks to continue expanding his fortune. The two constantly clash throughout the film as their interests go awry.

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