The Spectrum phones Joe Nichols

Country star to perform Friday for Tailgate Concert Series


Four-time Grammy award nominated country artist, Joe Nichols is set to perform in the Special Events Lot next to UB Stadium at 6 p.m. Friday for UB Athletics’ Tailgate Concert Series. The Spectrum had a phone interview with him prior to his show to talk about his music, tonight’s performance and his love of the Buffalo Bills.

The Spectrum: What made you choose to come to Buffalo?

Joe Nichols: They asked me to come play and I accepted for the gameday atmosphere, I’m a big sports fan.

TS: Have you played in Buffalo before?

JN: Yeah a few times. I can’t recall the last time, but it hasn’t been too long. I think it was a radio thing we did back less than a year ago. The good debate we always have going is which is the actual home of the wings. I just saw a mystery of the museum episode that had two different places that claimed the home of the wing.

TS: You said you are big sports fan, have you played a lot of tailgate concerts before?

JN: Yeah, a couple, but not lately. We did the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. We’ve done several college games and a few NFL games. A lot of baseball games, ya know, pregame World Series and NLCS, ALCS types of deals. As far as this far northeast, I don’t think we’ve [played at a] college football game this far up northeast. So this will kinda be a first, not for the type of event, but for the area it’ll be a first.

TS: What do you enjoy most about tailgate concerts?

JN: I think the fact that everyone’s getting hammered and having fun. It’s a good environment for us because we always sound better when everyone’s getting drunk.

TS: What are you most excited about for tonight’s performance?

I’m excited that there will be a lot of people from Buffalo, but there will be a lot of people from where I’m from. I live in Texas, less than 100 miles from Waco, so there will be a lot people who are familiar with my neck of the woods. A lot of country fans will probably come up from Baylor and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of Buffalo fans. I love this part of the country for the sports, particularly the Buffalo Bills. So, I’m looking forward to getting to know UB.

TS: You’re a Bills Fan?

I like the Buffalo Bills. I always have. Always thought they were great. Love the Jim Kelly years, thought they were great. Andre Reed – they’ve had some great players. [They’ve had a rough few years, but] they’ve had a couple of good drafts lately, so I’m hoping for better days.

TS: What can fans expect from tonight’s performance?

JN: I don’t know if we’ll do anything beyond what we normally do. We always try to have fun and try to make sure everyone’s having fun in a relaxed, party type environment. Every night is different, so anything can happen and even I don’t know until show time.

TS: How would you describe your music?

JN: I’d describe the tracks as ranging from blue grass, almost hardcore steel guitar country to super progressive, not pop country, but more of the ‘80s rock country that’s going on as far as tracks go. But my voice has always been the same. I’m a country singer. I’ve always been a country singer. I just think sometimes you have to stay current and blend yourself into what people are liking now a days. My voice has been the same over the years, it’s my bread and butter and that’s what it will always be. That’s what people will recognize over anything else … I’m very, very thankful for [my voice] … and I’m blessed to know there’s some part of me that sticks out on radio.

TS: What made you decide to get into music?

JN: Well, the old adage is money and girls. That’s what I got into it for, but as I grew up I began to appreciate the artistry in music and the expressive quality and therapeutic value of music for me. Some artists don’t view it as an outlet, and sometimes I don’t either. But I think it serves a purpose expression of how you’re feeling. It also serves a purpose to be someone you want to be rather than who you are … I wanted to be someone else and I became someone else.

TS: What’s your favorite thing about performing live?

JN: Well, there’s always an ego boost when you see people enjoying what you’re doing. You know the ego feeding you crave sometimes an artist. Having a finished product that you’ve worked really hard on, that you’ve fought and bled and sweat for in the studio and all the sudden you hear it and love and see other people love it, there’s a very big redeeming quality in that. I also think there’s also an equally redeeming quality in walking out on stage, having people recognize your music and signing the songs back to you, which is what we all want.