Spotify playlist: Got Money?

Songs about bills, bank and being broke

The Spectrum

It’s the one thing we always seem to want more of, no matter how much we have – money. Artists of all genres can relate to the struggle, be it a rapper “making bank” with his crew or an old school rock band complaining of its shortage of funds. Here is a list of all things cash related, so you have something to listen to while you fantasize about jumping into a sea of coins, Scrooge McDuck style.

Cake – “Dime”

This clever ditty may be more of a play on words than a discussion of the monetary value of the dime. The alternative band has a sound similar to The Black Keys as it croons through puns about the coin – smooth in delivery and smart in its word choice.

Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars – “Billionaire”

McCoy feels the way most college students do, he just puts it into crafty lyrics with some a guitar. He doesn’t just want to have money, but he wants to be famous for having so much of it. He has the right mindset. Mars sets the tone with his relaxed chorus and dreams of having money, while McCoy comes in and explains everything he’d do with his newfound riches.

NSYNC – “Just Got Paid”

Who can resist a boy band throwback? While Justin Timberlake sings about the upside of being paid and having money to go out with, it’s easy to picture the rest of the group dancing around the background in unison. The groovy tune will have you dancing along and ready for a night of partying and celebrating payday.

Kanye West ft Jaime Foxx– “Gold Digger

Now I ain’t sayin’ everyone knows this song, but if you haven’t heard the Kanye West classic, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. West discusses his normal array of problems: women wanting him, being very rich and his girl spending his money. Get down to the familiar tune while you’re working and be inspired by Yeezus’ success.

Grateful Dead – “Money, Money”

Dead heads rejoice, From the Mars Hotel has made an appearance on this playlist. The psychedelic jazz sound creates a suave background for Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir to sing about the troubles of having a woman who only wants money. The track is similar to most of the group’s music, as it bring listeners back to 1974 and prove making money has never been an easy business.

The Beatles – “Can’t Buy Me Love”

The iconic band’s single makes a valid point – money cannot actually buy affection. The artists just wants a girl who doesn’t need the material tokens to be in love. What it can buy, they acknowledge, is diamond rings. Aren’t those pretty much the same thing? Unfortunately, The Beatles are not on Spotify, but you can enjoy this cover.

Destiny’s Child – “Bills, Bills, Bills”

Before Beyoncé became the powerhouse solo artist she is today, she was part of Destiny’s Child, the girl group just as famous for its sass as its talent. The ladies sing about a man who isn’t pulling his weight with the bills and their frustration with his lack of effort. Harmonizing their distress, the trio is determined to either get what they want or move forward, proving money isn’t just a man’s game.

Calloway – “I Wanna Be Rich”

The R&B duo comes right out with what it wants out of life: money. The lyrics are delivered slowly and purposefully to make sure the idea of wanting money, being rich, making bank and other slang for cash is driven home. The beat has a jazzy element to it, bringing listeners back to a time before electronic beats.

Wu Tang Clan – “C.R.E.A.M”

To clarify, this song title is an acronym meaning “cash rules everything around me.” The group makes its point by rapping about growing up and how money has influenced the course of the band’s life. The prominent rap crew offsets a slow delivery with a complex rhythm that picks up and slows down without warning. To overcome struggles and earn cash is more than just the theme of the song – it’s a relatable topic worded well by this crew.

EleventySeven – “Retail Value”

The pop/punk group is much more metaphorical than others on this playlist, discussing retail value as more than just money. The group talks about the value of honesty and sincerity among heavy guitar riffs and a fast set on the drums. It’s a nice reminder that money isn’t in fact everything and it’s important to value qualities over material objects.

Pink Floyd – “Money”

Straight off Dark Side of the Moon, this track from the progressive rock group compliments this playlist by slowing things down. The song begins with money related sounds, such as the opening of a cash register, and sets the tone for the unusual time signature that follows, creating a beat perfect for David Gilmour to croon over.

Foreign Beggars – “Bank Job”

This English dubstep duo kicks you in the face with the music, hits hard when the bass drops and spits fast about money and diamonds. The two artists rap so seamlessly that it’s hard to tell when one stops and the other begins. The quiet beat allows their rhymes to shine. Their sound, unlike most American dubstep, is slower and uses background tracks that aren’t as loud.