Sincerely Yours: Treasures of Queen City

Art collection soon to leave Albright Knox Gallery

The Spectrum

Time is running out for you to view more than 70 masterpieces by world-renowned artists including Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock.

The iconic collection is currently on display just a few minutes away from UB. The Albright Knox Art Gallery is currently home to the critically acclaimed exhibit, Sincerely Yours: Treasures of Queen City – located across from Buffalo State College on Elmwood Avenue.

The exhibit opened over the summer and includes works by dozens of famed artists like Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. The exhibit is in Buffalo until Sept. 14 before going to the San Diego Museum of Art, the next stop on its national tour.

Warhol’s 100 Cans and Pollock’s Convergence are just two of the acclaimed paintings on display, many of which commonly fill the textbooks and lectures of art history classes.

The detail, line work and complexity of these images is often difficult to truly comprehend from the page of a book by art enthusiasts, making Sincerely Yours a treasure worth seeing while you can.

Artist: Claude Monet

Work: Chemin de Halage à Argenteuil (Town Path At Argenteuil, Winter)

Year: 1875

Monet’s painting is one of the first viewers can enjoy when they walk through the start of Sincerely Yours: Treasures of Queen City on the second floor of the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

The french artist is well known for his impressionist works, particularly those of the plein-air style that he came to master from doing landscape paintings, like this, outdoors.

Artist: Frida Kahlo

Work: Self-Portrait with Monkey

Year: 1938

Kahlo is best known for her vibrantly colored portraits and Self Portrait With Monkey is perhaps her most recognized work and certainly one of the most iconic images from this collection of masterworks. The mix of detail, color, shading and brushworks create a painting as lively as its subjects.

Artist: Andy Warhol

Work: 100 Can’s

Year: 1962

The 6-foot-tall 100 Cans is immediately one of the most recognized and well-known pieces within the exhibit. The rows of Campbell’s cans might look identical from one to the next, to but with enough examination one might notice they aren’t exact duplicates nor are they evenly spaced.

Artist: Giacomo Balla

Work: Dinamismo di un Cane al Guinzaglio (Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash)

Year: 1912

Balla might not be as recognized as the many artistic titans represented in the exhibit, but his elegant style combined with the motion of the dog and leash and the feet and dress of the person walking the dog is something to be admired.

Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Work: La Maison de la Crau (The Old Mill)

Year: 1888

Sadly, the Albright Knox Art Gallery doesn’t have van Gogh’s notorious Starry Night on display. But, his painting of an old mill still represents his use of color that represented his impressions and feelings toward the subject rather than its natural appearance.