Neon overdose: Fetch unleashed in First Light

Infamous: Second Son's standalone story is a blast from that past that just doesn't last


Game: Infamous: Second Son

Downloadable Content: First Light

Developer: Sucker Punch

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA)

Release: Aug. 26

Grade: B

Power can be a funny thing. Some people are given far more than others. Regardless of how much they have, power is still fun to play with. Especially as the neon riddled and supercharged Fetch – a conduit (person with superhuman abilities) that channels neon energy to reign over those who’ve done her wrong to devastating and beautiful effect.

Players first got a taste of Infamous’ neon abilities as superpower sponge Delsin Rowe in Second Son when he encounters Fetch after she escape from Curdun Cay – a prison for conduits run by Second Son’s main villain, Brooke Augustine.

First Light takes players back before Fetch’s escape and before she wound up in Curdun Cay. It’s an origin story of the war Fetch is waging against drug dealers in Seattle when Delsin encounters her in the main game, and as players of the game already know, it’s far from a pleasant, happy tale.

As pleasant as it isn’t, the downloadable story of Fetch’s drug infested and treacherous origins is still as visually evocative, visceral and energetic to play as Second Son. Sadly, its breakneck pace and linear story only lasts for four to five hours, leaving her unleashed powers being granted to the player far to late into the all too-brisk adventure.

The prequel begins two years before the events of Second Son with Fetch recounting the story of how she wound up in Curdun Cay to Augstine. It’s broken up with training sessions for the neon-crazed character when she reveals hidden powers she discovered when she looses control of her abilities, and sanity.

In a truly un-Infamous fashion, the story is linear, dropping the good and evil choices of the series to get the story to its conclusion, fitting within Second Son’s narrative. It’s short, dark, emotional and full of red herrings.

The story ends with an emotionally and mentally derailed Fetch who becomes unleashed, and leaves her most devastating abilities as a reward for players who stick around long after First Lights conclusion.

Those who reap the rewards of an utterly derailed and vengeful Fetch will certainly find themselves in control of a character far more powerful than Delsin Rowe, but with very little to do other repetitive arena challenges that act like yard time for the superpower driven elite.

The short story’s pace feels fitting for a character that runs through the city at the speed of light, leaving a stunning trail of neon particles lingering in the air behind her.

She’s a much more agile and mobile character than those in the series’ past and her channeled anger leads to some awe-inspiring moments throughout the story. Her mobility packs quite the punch, maliciously brutalizing enemies with neon force trauma.

It may be short, but it’s a sweet bite-sized version of Second Son’s stunning and invigorating gameplay and story is worth the $15 it costs – just be sure to wear some sunglasses, the future looks bright and bloody.