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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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How deep are your jams?

Hipster holiday playlist

A wise elf once said, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."

We hold this truth to be self-evident for all holidays, that singing, or music in general, is an essential element to any cheerful gathering you may attend or host over winter break.

Here's hoping this season you'll be getting together with friends and family for a series of parties laden with lots of cookies, Gl??hwein and roast beast. Regardless of your faith or the way you celebrate, it's always good to mix things up with new songs and sing-alongs to go with more traditional tracks.

Adam Sandler and Frank Sinatra definitely belong in the holiday song hall of fame, and there's no need to remove them from your playlist; but don't you want to impress your hipster friends?

Spice up the party this season with these underrated holiday jams that will bring joy and cheer to guests who are sure to be impressed by your extraordinary musical taste.

1. "The Orchestra Song"

This gem is probably best remembered as a throwback to elementary school chorus concerts. If you never had the pleasure of belting this out as a youngster, fear not. You can practice this perfect sing-along while watching Nora Ephron's classic 1998 film You've Got Mail, in which Meg Ryan and company sing this tune at a Christmas party. All you need is a friend with mediocre piano skills to make this song a hit - a perfect chance to start the festivities off with an icebreaker for any new friends and/or acquaintances in attendance.

2. "How Deep Is Your Love" - Bee Gees

In no way is this a holiday song - so what? Holidays are about good vibes, love and reflection on the things that matter most. That's exactly what you get here. This song is great because people know it enough to sing along, but they will have to ask you why the hell it's on your holiday playlist. Here's how to explain: This song sounds like almost all of the half-muted, fuzzy holiday music that gets pumped through shopping malls for the entire month of December. The mall is, perhaps, the No. 1 place to get consumer-induced holiday cheer coursing through your veins; capture that buzz with this addition to the list.

3. "Angel (Holiday)" - Jack Johnson

This twist on Johnson's popular original, "Angel," is another great chance to get guests joining the chorus with something they already know. Here, bells and instrumentation make this version ready to hit the streets for any caroling session. Johnson's smooth vocals and sentimental lyrics touch hearts and warm you up for cuddling by the fire or baking cookies with Grandma.

4. "O' Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis)" - Bob Dylan

Haters will be quick to judge this selection. Here you have perhaps the most OG hipster of all time sounding like a drunken sailor at the end of a long voyage as he sings one of the most beloved Christmas songs of all time - he even does a run through of the lyrics in Latin to kick off the track. This one may hurt your ears. It's definitely not right for a quaint, small-table dinner with classy guests, but if your friends plan on going a little hard on the eggnog, throw this on and admire how similar to Dylan they sound in their stupor.

5. "Angel In The Snow" - Elliott Smith

With all of the corniness of a holiday playlist, it's good to add something with real emotion and substance. Smith means business when it comes to love and despair. This song may sound despairing, but it's a great love song. If you're feeling lonely this holiday season and your party consists of no one but you and yourself, play this track and let the tears flow for eight nights of Hanukkah, 12 nights of Christmas or all the way unto New Year's Eve.




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