Taking Back Sunday Ends Tour in Rochester

The Spectrum

Everyone must have told all their friends because Wednesday night a sold out crowd made its way into Water Street Music Hall to catch a glimpse of a band that helped define a scene.

Taking Back Sunday showed why they reign supreme in the scene Wednesday night as they concluded their tour in Rochester.

The reunited original line-up of Taking Back Sunday has breathed some life into a band that seemed to have nothing left in the tank. The addition of John Nolan and Shaun Cooper seemed to give the remaining members of TBS a new lease on life.

As the band took the stage, the crowd's anticipation was electric and it lost control. When TBS strummed the opening chords to "El Paso" to open the set, it was apparent why TBS sold out the show.

Main singer Adam Lazzara may not be swinging microphones around his throat any more, but he is still one of the best front men in music. The way he controls the crowd with his dance moves and tamed microphone tricks was dazzling.

Lazzara not only had a great stage presence, but his vocals were impeccable. Lazzara poured his heart into the songs, causing the crowd to get more into the set.

Lazzara did not steal the entire spotlight, however. Every member of TBS gave it everything they had. It might have been the last night of the tour, but every member performed as if it was the first night.

Watching the band joke around on stage and genuinely having a good time was a delight to watch, especially since many TBS fans thought they would never see the original lineup together again.

Guitarist John Nolan provided some bone-chilling backing vocals. His back and forth with Adam Lazzara on stage was fantastic. The two vocals blended together to create a beautiful exchange that radiated throughout the venue.

The opening act Bad Rabbits provided some funk before TBS took the stage. Bad Rabbits possess a unique sound that mixes funk with punk. Their distinctive brand of dance-punk got a portion of the crowd dancing, but almost everyone in the crowd was tapping their feet.

Bad Rabbits have one of the highest energy live shows. As the band runs around on stage, it is evident that everyone in the group loves what they are doing.

The band danced around the stage and got the crowd amped up for a great night of music. By the end of the set, Bad Rabbits had everyone screaming their name.

The Maine was direct support for the show. When The Maine took the stage, a deafening scream overtook the venue. They got the younger people in the crowd singing and swaying along.

As The Maine blew through their 45-minute set, it was apparent why TBS brought them out on tour. Their style was clearly a derivative of TBS, both musically and in terms stage presence.

When people started filing out of the venue it was evident that TBS still possessed the talent they did almost 10 years ago.

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