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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Whole Human Catalog

There are over 30,000 individuals roaming around UB's campus. The majority of us range from the ages of 18 to 21, but for some reason, we tend to forget the lessons that our children's books taught us when we were five. We fail to realize that if 30,000 people each took small steps daily to better themselves and those around them, this community could become a better place.


Being green is all the rage nowadays and it seems as if more people are talking about it than actually doing it. From identifying recyclable materials to dividing papers and plastics into separate bins, recycling seems to be a hassle when it is easy to throw everything into the trash. But the truth is, even a little effort to recycle will help in huge ways, especially if everyone at UB participated one item each day. All In One Recycling is a new system at the university that has taken the step of separating all of your recyclable items out of your hands. Metals, papers, plastics, glass – any reusable material can be placed in these innovative bins. Next time you go to toss your empty soda bottle into the trash, remember that the tall bin with the blue top is hungry for that plastic. Your friend who just finished that can of soup can feed the bin some dessert.

Hello! Hola! Konnichiwa! Shalom!

We've all been down that dark road of being squirrely; a person that you kind of know, a friend of a friend, a lab partner from last semester. You walk by this person, but for some reason neither of you acknowledge each other's existence. Maybe it was an accident or maybe you're a victim of awkward acquaintance encounters, but now it's uncomfortable seeing them around campus and finding ways to shift the focus to phone or the ground as they walk by. This twisted tango of avoiding and ignoring does nothing but leave you feeling flustered and the other feeling unmemorable. Just say hello, smile or nod your head. It's great to stay connected with the people you meet and it's simply the nice thing to do.

Hold Me

They're tall, dark, and heavy. We touch them every day because we have to, but sometimes it's nice to have someone else hold it for you. Opening doors for other people may be second nature to some, but for others, this common courtesy has been forgotten. This small gesture is very much appreciated by those who experience it. Maybe you're in a rush to get to class or you're late to meet a friend and you're marching through doorways and blowing down doors. Take a break from your intense mission and hold the door for someone. It makes a stranger feel appreciated, and likewise for the door holder.

I don't understand, but you do

You always see that student in class that has trouble focusing on the professor and cannot grasp any of the material being taught. If you know what's going on, don't be selfish with your information. Helping others gives you a better understanding of the information and you may find a new friend. Never forget that you can potentially save someone from flunking out of a class, or out of the school. Whether or not you realize it, you could change a life forever.




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