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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Study Hot Spots

Finals are quickly approaching and with over 30,000 UB students on campus, sometimes it's hard to find a little peace and quiet. Even in places where silence is mandatory, disturbances and distractions can be frequent.

Finding just the right spot can be a challenge.

If comfort is the number one concern, Mrs. Rich's Café in Natural Sciences Complex is a suitable location. This café has cushioned chairs that are big enough to spread out in. It also makes a great place for group studying. The downfalls to this spot are noisy passersby and it is sometimes hard to find seating.

"I like to study at Mrs. Rich's Café because it's comfortable and in a good location on campus," said Jessica Defedericis, a senior business administration major with a concentration in marketing. "When you have to sit and study for that long it's great to have the convenient café and the room to stretch out."

The ground floor of Oscar A. Silverman Library offers comfort to students as well. There are many cushioned areas for students to relax in. On any given day, it would be rare not to find a student dozing off on one of the couches.

If students crave a good study snack, Capen Café is a great stop. At certain times of the day the café empties out and makes for an opportune place for students to concentrate in a less noisy environment.

Computer labs are few and far between on campus, and finding the good ones can be hard at times. Silverman Library has three floors of computers, ideal for both quick access and for spending long periods of time studying.

Although there are many computers, there are also constantly students in the area. It can be very difficult to concentrate because of the noise and constant conversation. However, the "closets" located on the third floor are great noise eliminators.

"I get so much done when I go into the ‘Capen closets,' there are no distractions and no one else there except for me," said Gilbert Hernandez, a junior biology major.

Noise is an issue when studying and not something a student wants to deal with while they are hard at work. Even some of the silent study areas on campus can be loud, causing difficulties for studying and frustration among students.

"I hate when people are on their phones," said Claire Kerstein, a sophomore community and health major. "I was in one spot and a student was talking on their phone so I moved to a different spot and another person's phone rings and they answer it. I know it's stupid, but it's the silence part. It's just obnoxious."

Lockwood Library is a great quiet area available on campus. Floors three through five are usually filled with serious students working hard. There is also the option to rent out the corner rooms on these floors for group studying. Anyone can reserve the room from the school website.

"These rooms are the nicest rooms on campus to study in," Defedericis said. "There is a huge table, really comfortable chairs, and a white board to use. They also have a big TV to hook up your computers to and it allows the entire group to work on one computer at once."

Another known spot for silence are the upper floors in NSC. If students venture around the third and fourth floor, they will usually find little nooks with white boards and big tables.

"This is one of the quietest places on campus," said Chris Bryant, a senior business major. "I forget where I am when I study there. It really helps get my work done."

UB has so many places on campus for students to cram for their finals.


Additional reporting by Veronica Ritter



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