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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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"Sexy, can I?"

What constitutes cheating in a relationship?

Trust and honesty make a solid foundation for any romantic relationship. However, disclosing every detail is not always necessary, as partners still need their share of privacy.

Is texting a member of the opposite sex cheating?

I had an especially paranoid boyfriend who went through my phone when I was sleeping. From pictures to texts and calls, no message was left unread. Thankfully, my roommate saw the glow from my phone illuminate his prying eyes, so I found out about his serious creeping.

Was his peace of mind worth the invasion of my privacy? I'd have to argue no. Beyond the fact that I didn't have anything to hide, my phone is my own personal possession.

The only thing more annoying than having your phone searched is having to explain the most minute details of every conversation. Completely innocent banter could be construed as intense flirting to the uninformed reader.

Why the skepticism? If there aren't problems, don't try to create them.

On the other hand, don't give your boyfriend or girlfriend something to worry about. If you're constantly texting while the two of you are together, have a little respect and pay attention to him or her.

Do Facebook messages and inboxes equal cheating?

No one can control the Facebook messages or inboxes he or she receives.

Most of us have hacked our way into our significant others' Facebooks if we don't have access to them already. My boyfriend and I were both spying on each other's Facebooks, both supposedly without the other's knowledge.

We both found questionable things, but this is much like the text message argument. On mine, an old friend asked me for my number because he was coming back to town the upcoming weekend. His featured an ex-girlfriend who was trying to get back in touch.

Bottom line, as long as he or she isn't entertaining the idea, stop worrying.

If your guy or girl initiated the conversation, though, there might be some room for concern. Beware of deleted threads; if he or she is crafty enough, they'll be gone quicker than you can hack.

Are solo hangouts cheating?

As long as your guy or girl is upfront about the upcoming hang out, this shouldn't be a problem. There's a very thin line between jealousy and reasonable concern.

Your boyfriend had friends before you and it's likely he'll have these friends while you're dating, too.

Is dancing with someone at a club cheating?

I was visiting my boyfriend at his school and we went out with a group of his friends. His one female friend wanted to dance, so I tagged along and danced with her while he hung around the bar.

As most people know, if you're female and have the majority of your appendages, at least 13 guys reeking of Hollister's latest scent will approach and try to impress you by relentlessly grinding the life out of you.

Her and I behaved and politely told each that we have boyfriends, but one persistent male hung around a little longer than usual. This is where the argument began.

My boyfriend freaked out, refused to speak to me and left the club.

I understand that no one likes to see his or her significant other dancing with someone else. However, if we're to be logical, chances are that the person he or she is dancing with is completely random. Names and numbers will very rarely be exchanged and any physical contact will last no longer than the four minutes of the song.

Do you really think that this one dance was so unbelievable that your boyfriend or girlfriend will drop you and start dating this dance partner? It may not be the most welcome sight and should by all means be avoided, but it definitely isn't cheating.

Is it okay to just take a look?

I'm going to be honest. I check out girls a lot more than my boyfriend does.

I look at every girl's butt as she walks by. I'll comment if I think a girl has a nice rack. There are beautiful people everywhere and to honestly think that your significant other isn't going to take a look is a little ridiculous.

Have a sense of humor. Sharing in these comments together could be fun and shows that you're secure with yourself enough to compliment someone else on their positive features.

However, if he's constantly comparing you to every attractive girl that walks by in a demeaning way, don't accept that treatment. Know the difference between harmless comments and insults.




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