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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Comeback Kid Cures Calm

Artist: Comeback Kid

Album: Symptoms and Cures

Release Date: August 31

Label: Victory Records

Grade: B

Within the first five seconds of the opening track, listeners know that Comeback Kid's latest work, Symptoms and Cures, means business.

Since their debut album, Turn it Around, in 2003, Comeback Kid has become synonymous with intensely heavy hardcore/punk chords and harsh vocals. Their latest album is no different.

When you put your headphones on and press play for the first time, the wave of sound that radiates out is like a dropkick to your cerebellum that causes you to lose all control and begin conducting violently incoherent gestures. But in a good way.

Comeback Kid opens up Symptoms and Cures with the track "Do Yourself a Favor." The song wastes no time getting the listener acquainted with their sound as it grabs hold and shakes you to your very core.

The song is heavy enough to inspire even the most brutal circle pit while still maintaining an infectious enough sound to get stuck in your head for days on end. The ability to tread the line between crafting catchy melodies and fierce instrumentals is where Comeback Kid truly excels.

Track three, also known as "G.M. Vincent and I," has one of the best hooks ever produced on a hardcore album. The band's unanimous chorus shouting inspires a feeling of unity so strong that the listener can't help but scream back the lyrics in perfect unison while feeling as if they're standing right there with the band.

However, no album is without its flaws.

Symptoms and Cures is redundant. While the album's numerous tracks are enjoyable, after a couple of full-length listens, they tend to blend together.

The album keeps its energetic pace throughout its duration and as a result lacks any sort of curve ball to trip up the listener. Leaving out a game changer isn't a grave problem, but it would've been nice to have at least one song to give listeners a brief respite from the overly aggressive head banging.

From beginning to end, the album keeps its intensity flowing. If you've found yourself anxiously pacing your room without any way of getting out your energy, then Symptoms and Cures has got just the release you're looking for.



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