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Monday, June 17, 2024
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In Arts Perspective

Re-vamped Warped Tour

As the summer months crawl closer, the 16th annual Vans Warped Tour is approaching quite quickly. Sporting one of its strongest line-up in years, Warped Tour is back this summer to kick some butt and remind young fans what good music is.

Jameson Butler: Just looking at the line-up gives me a halfie. Thirty bucks to see Motion City Soundtrack, Sum 41, and Alkaline Trio? Yes please. The line-up actually makes putting up with scene kids worth going to Warped Tour this year, even if Bring Me The Horizon is there.

Vanessa Frith: See above.

Star Wars Comedy Series

Seth Green and Matthew Seinrich, creators of "Robot Chicken," focus their genius solely on the Star Wars realm in an animated comedy series. Watch the Star Wars "Robot Chicken" and it's apparent that they can be trusted with the timeless trilogy. Plus, their knowledge on the subject is without a doubt as expansive as the Outer Rim.

Pino: Right now everything is just speculation, but, if this series sees the light of day, Lucas will definitely have something to smile about , especially with a few extra grand in his pocket.

Hugar: Considering how good the original "Robot Chicken "Star Wars special was, this has a lot of potential. That being said, I'm a bit apprehensive. Part of what makes "Robot Chicken" so great is the way they veer from topic to topic. It remains to be seen if Green can stay on the same subject for multiple episodes without it growing stale.

Joss Whedon directing The Avengers

It has been known for quite some time that plans for an Avengers movie has been in the works. It has even been rumored that Jon Favreau would be directing the onscreen adaptation, but recent news indicates otherwise. Cult fan favorite Joss Whedon has officially been signed on as director and will be responsible for bringing the film to life.

Connelly: Joss Whedon is the master of creating cult followings. Anything that he touches is immediately immortalized in the eyes of his fanboys. He's the perfect director for this movie because its audience is mainly comprised of people who already like him. Also, since it's a movie, Fox can't cancel this one on him.

Twigg: Serenity may be Whedon's only big screen directing credit, but that film is by far good enough to inspire some faith in the man. In my opinion, as both a film fan and loyal Browncoat, I say this is a good choice.



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