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Monday, June 17, 2024
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As the ice over Lake LaSalle melted and last winter turned into the spring, reality set in. I was almost in my senior year of college.

During freshman year, I had plenty of expectations of what I would have done or "where I would be" by this time. But things aren't always what you will hope, and that is not something to dwell on.

Sure, I have a few regrets – nothing large enough that I am writing this from behind bars – but that is inevitable. Whoever says that they have no regrets is a liar (even Frank Sinatra had a few).

Once I consider all those small things, the larger picture becomes clearer. There is still plenty of time left. I am only twenty years old.

There are plenty of things however, that I am glad that I have done – joining this publication being one of them.

When I started, T-Mo and Dennis shared my sense of humor and we had a plenty of laughs. Ryndak and Mecca taught me that whole "AP style" thing, but more importantly became my friends.

As an assistant, Joann was mean at first (KIDDING), but got me in line and made me a better writer. Leslie supported me and still makes me believe I could possibly be a journalist.

After taking on the role of editor, Shillman was the absolute worst assistant ever, but I still love him. My other assistants – Keeley (who was smarter than me) and Jarka (who was twice my age) – are going to do great things in the world of journalism. And Ren was the best friend and senior editor I could have asked for, and I am fortunate for having worked with him.

Going back to my home of Arts, Ranic welcomed me and showed me how important it is to not give a flying ‘f,' as well as how to put some of me into everything I wrote. I would not be the same without working with him.

Around the office – I got to watch Clifford "bust down the closet door" in style, and see how great of a teacher he is going to be when the time comes. Sam played along with my jokes and was always there if I needed a laugh, and Katie always threw some logic into my mixed and messed up mind.

To News, I can only apologize for being loud, but you guys did great work.

Adrian, Rachel and Shane are each such wonderful people, and I am seriously sorry for getting angry so often (but seriously, it was funny). I love each of them and they know that.

The sports crew – Skywalker, Grandpa P and Christy – were all so fun to talk to, and took being so close to my craziness well. And I am sure that Grandpa and Skywalker are glad that they'll never hear their nicknames again.

Two dudes that everyone should party with, Wiki and Joe Pa, always brightened up my day at the office. Someday Joe Pa will have someone stalking him and hopefully it won't be me, while Wiki will be the first Jewish president (no, probably not). You guys are going to do great things next year, and I will always be pulling for you.

I can't help but give Mosher respect because took the jokes – and there were plenty of them- –like a champ, and gave out plenty of them. I will always picture him with that "sh*t eating grin."

The one person who taught me the most random, cool stuff that I have ever learned was Caps. He also taught me how to harvest some of my creativity, and I guarantee he will be the first person I call if I ever make anything media related.

Marth didn't always like "my style," but we got it done and it was fun. I wish him the best, but know I'll see him down the line.

Those that worked under me on my last run were the best I could have asked for. They covered for me whenever I f*ed up and always got my nerdy references. Twiggs and J-mo will do great leading the desk next year, and if not, Frith will (I got her to talk). I know that Sweet Baby Hills and I are going to make some history – the first two people to actually build lightsabers.

As for the one guy I always trusted to look over my stories, there isn't much to say. Squid is one of the best friends I have made at school, and one of the best men I have ever met. I know he will do great things – watch out, ESPN – but I will miss him greatly.

And I could never forget the two best people in the office. Debbie and Helene, that wasn't always me swearing (yeah, it probably was), but thanks for acting like it wasn't.

I know am lucky for having such a great family, girlfriend and memories of UB. Sorry for not being more original.




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