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Monday, June 24, 2024
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Zodiaque springs into action

Going on 36 years of experience, the Zodiaque Dance Company presented its first round of 2010 spring semester concert shows last weekend. The dance company showcased eight brief dance skits featuring a wide range of music and rhythm.

'The show was interesting, but the music didn't really match. It was more like it was tied together by the dancing. They were all different, some really slow and others fast and so on, but they all had the same sort of sweeping motions around the stage, and jumps and drops. They used the whole sleeping on the floor thing a lot,' said Mariely Ann Ortiz, a junior environmental design major.

The show utilized a lot of different colors and unique clothes to add to the theme of each dance. Colors ranged from a dull skin color, which made the dancers appear naked, to bright red and green, which highlighted the speed of the dance.

Each of these colors was carefully chosen to contrast each other as well as represent the styles of the dance. During the slower dances, the performers wore less vibrant colors, while bright colors added to the quick movements and upbeat pace of quicker dances.

The performance opened up its almost two hour show with 'Portage,' a dance which highlighted jumping and freedom of the dancer. Although the dance was choreographed and rehearsed, the movements of each dancer almost seemed improvised. 'Portage' was perhaps the most unique of all the dances, offering a style not generally seen onstage.

The show quickly changed directions with the next dance, 'Abyss.' This display was the fastest dance of the show. Dancers pranced around the stage in frantic motion, picking up the pace significantly from where the show had previously been. Fancy dresses and fluid movements were the highlights of the upbeat dance.

The slowest of all the short performances was 'Miscerere.' As the lights came on, the dancers' slow music started to fill the theater. The dancing was based around slow movements and the performers often posed. Overall, it was the least exciting point of the performance. The dull colors, slow music and dim lights made it challenging to pay attention.

After returning from intermission, the show did not stay slow as it continued with 'Bolero,' a Latin style dance that featured a more ballet-style feel and more spins then the other dances. The movements of the dancers seemed more energetic and matched better with the brand of music they were presented with.

The performance ended with 'Somebody's Gonna Luv U.' This was the only dance that featured the better known modern dances, which even included an attempt at break dancing. The change in style of dancing and wardrobe stuck with the theme of the show.

The best attribute about the way the Zodiaque Dance Company changed up its styles is its mass appeal. Even if a certain dance doesn't appeal to a viewer, there will soon be another style with new colors and beats for a change of pace.

The show did, however, have one drawback. Often, moves would seem repeated and unoriginal. Almost all the daces were circled around the group dropping to the ground and then members getting up and moving around one at a time. Besides this one downside, the show was exciting and appealing.

The show returns next weekend for three more performances beginning Friday.




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