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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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CFA development to be a part of UB 2020

Tom Burrows, the director of the Center for the Arts (CFA), addressed the development of the CFA as part of the UB 2020 plan during a Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting this past Wednesday.

According to Burrows, the scheduled 11-year development of the CFA will significantly contribute to UB's plan for communal integration.

"One of the best ways to reach out to the community and get people to come to our campus is through the CFA," Burrows said.

Burrows recalled that when the CFA first opened in October 1994, there was very little activity going on there.

"(It was an) excellent start, but very isolated," he said.

The educational and entertainment programs offered at the CFA have allowed it to come out of its former seclusion. From presentations to jazz concerts, outreach programs to comedy shows, students and community members have a range of reasons to go to the CFA several times a month.

According to Burrows, connecting with the outside community is an essential part of the CFA's mission.

"Community outreach has always been a strong focus for the Center," he said.

The CFA offers quality performances for young students beginning at the pre-kindergarten age. Over the past three summers, the CFA has offered a program called Explore the Arts, geared towards grades 5-8. The younger generations may also be interested in the CFA performance series, Music is Art Live, which features Western New York musicians and artists.

The CFA also hosts special presentations including University presidential addresses and sections of the Distinguished Speakers Series.

Video production is a major component of CFA performances and entertainment series. A television series about Music is Art Live has been aired for six consecutive seasons, according to Burrows. On Oct. 16, President Simpson's State of the University Address was also aired on one of the campus channels.

The CFA is beginning to integrate the visual arts into a hospital setting through the Artists in Residence Program. Through the program, local artists will be trained to work in the medical field, providing diversion, stress reduction and entertainment to the patients.

Burrows feels confident that UB 2020 will benefit all communities that depend on the University.

"UB 2020 is a wonderfully focused effort and a series of events that I think is moving the University forward," he said.

Through its constant development and integration into the fabric of the University, Burrows believes that the CFA is in perfect alignment with this plan.



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