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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Blithering Idiot Sounds Off

Being a student in a university system I expect to receive an education based on factual information from which I may formulate my own unique opinion. Unfortunately I am finding out that is not always the case.

In order to graduate I must partake in certain general education requirement courses. These involve a variety of subjects ranging from science to political ideology. What disturbs me is the professors who command these classes are completely biased in their beliefs, and are unwilling to accept any opposing view. For example, when an online discussion board was posted I happily posted a well thought out paragraph on my viewpoint for a particular topic.

Rather than post an opposing view and deal with it as an educated person should, by presenting facts and thus allowing it to speak for itself, he pulled me aside and reprimanded me for using "socially unacceptable opinions." This accusation was completely off base and forced me to reassess my confidence in the education system. Are they looking out for future generations? Or is it possible they are looking to push their personal agendas?

It should disturb you to think you may not be receiving an actual education, but rather a one-sided lecture. The consequences of this may be detrimental to the future of our nation. Perhaps we should call these professors on their politically biased, propaganda. It is not the school's place to decide what the student should and should not believe.



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