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Spectrum 360: 2/19/17

Artsy Talk: 2/15/16

A Guide to Cool Events Around Town Featuring: Max Kaltniz David Tunis-Garcia Benjamin Blanchet

Sex Issue 2017

Spectrum 360: 2/4/17

Spectrum 360: 10/05/16

Would you thrift shop?

Spectrum 360: 11/21/16

Spectrum 360: 10/14/2016

Spectrum 360: 10/31/2016

Election 2016: Student Thoughts

Students were asked to describe how they felt about the upcoming election in 1-5 words. Created by Spectrum Video Music: Prelude No. 10 by Chris Zabriskie

Spectrum 360: 10/24/16

Spectrum360: 10/17/2016

Best of Buffalo 2016: Taco Taste Test

Featuring: Ken Thomas Max Kaltnitz Grace Trimper Evan Grisley Tori Roseman

Spectrum360 9/26/2016

Recap of the week 9/19 - 9/25

Spectrum 360: 9/19/16

Finals Feast [UB Late Night]

Meet The Candidates: UB Council student representative

Hear from the candidates running for UB Council student representative. The election will be held on UBLinked from April 19-21.