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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Fighting off the quarantine 15

With most of New York, and the U.S., under quarantine, all gyms are closed and leaving many without a place to work out. For some, the lack of exercise increases anxiety and depression, which is likely already heightened from the COVID-19 outbreak. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay fit while staying at home and helping flatten the curve. Be sure to shake up your self-isolation with one of these convenient at-home workouts.

Student modeling a jumpsuit from Aquamaia's line during BSU's Black Explosion.

Black Explosion ‘Rebirth’ educates and entertains

Flute Fingers, a performer at Saturday’s Black Explosion fashion show, approached the stage on a hoverboard, playing Drake and Future’s “Life is Good” on his flute. Soon after, the performer wound up serenading an audience member with a flute rendition of Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up.”  

The Latin American Student Association performed at the International Fiesta on Saturday. Their performance was about domestic violence and they won first place out of all the performances.

LASA wins International Fiesta

At the end of its International Fiesta performance Saturday, the Latin American Student Association stormed the Center for the Arts stage, holding signs to protest domestic violence.  The display was the final emotional moment in the club’s first-place victory at SA’s annual dance competition. It marked LASA’s fourth win since 2011, with a performance that illuminated domestic violence within the Latin American community.

Two mooncakes on a plate.

Around the world in four plates

The Student Union may be one of the most popular places for UB students to grab their grub, but some students say the impersonal feeling of campus food leaves them craving something a little closer to home.

Criminal justice advocate and member of Central Park Five, Yusef Salaam speaks to Spectrum editors.

The Spectrum’s exclusive interview with Yusef Salaam of the ‘Exonerated 5’

Yusef Salaam and the four other members of the ‘Exonerated 5’ did not receive compensation until 12 years after the Daily News declared ‘We got the wrong kids’ on Oct. 11, 2002.  Over a decade earlier, the ‘Exonerated 5’ were wrongfully accused of raping ‘The Central Park Jogger.’ Salaam was imprisoned for nearly seven years for a crime he did not commit. 

The stage where student performers read poetry and rapped.

Students show love for black culture through art

Iaisha Johnson was “nervous” approaching the stage Friday night in Goodyear Hall. But once she finally stood in front of her 45 peers, she became more confident. For three minutes, Johnson shared her pride for her culture and was a force on stage. Whenever she said, “I’m black, y’all,” her audience responded, “how black?” in unity.

The Campus Tees store in the Student Union.

Campus Dining and Shops reward points to expire ahead of new reward program launch

Students have until March 13 to redeem campus reward points at UB Campus Tees. After that, points awarded through dining dollar purchases, campus cash purchases and meal swipes will expire.  Under the current program, students can use points at any time during their UB career, but participants forfeit all accumulated points if they have not reactivated their dining plan within 12 consecutive months. Many students, unaware of the program’s rules and restrictions, unknowingly forfeited their points by failing to redeem them before the end of the 12-month period. Now, students hope others will take advantage of the program before the March 13 deadline to avoid forfeiting their points, too.

Condoms at CVS.

Protect yourself

With STD rates on the rise, students may need a refresher on their middle school “sex-ed” classes. Students are having unprotected sex –– according to The Spectrum sex survey, 23.3% of students who are sexually active say they do not use any form of contraception –– leaving them vulnerable to sexually-transmitted disease diagnoses and unwanted pregnancies. UB offers several types of contraceptives to students for free. All you have to do is schedule an appointment at Michael Hall –– which offers free STD and pregnancy testing –– to find out what best fits your needs. Emergency contraceptives, like Plan B, are available on North and South Campus, but they aren’t cheap.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an organization that focuses on changing public views on drug use and abuse.

Discussing Drugs

Avishai Afek said he knows students are doing drugs but felt those who struggle with drug use don’t know where to turn. So he created a place for students to freely talk about drug use and drug policy.


Broke b---h gift guide

Students often struggle to find cute and creative gifts that won’t break the bank. But don’t fret, we compiled a holiday gift guide with cost-efficient, thoughtful and non-denominational gifts that show loved ones how much they are appreciated and won’t ‘sleigh’ your bank account.


The Disney+ takeover

Many UB students have invited a mouse into their homes. But they aren’t putting out traps, they’re making popcorn and getting ready for a nostalgia-binge.



Haley Sheehan stands at the podium in front of her public speaking class, notecards in hand. She’s the first to present all semester. She looks at her professor and the 24-person audience and nods, signaling she’s ready. She takes a deep breath. “I’m a stripper,” she says.

Shea’s Performing Arts Center hosted the national tour of “Jersey Boys” from Nov. 15th to 17th.

‘Jersey Boys’ takes Buffalo crowd back in a ‘time machine’ of its own

Audience members shielded their eyes as they were blinded by the same light 1960s rock band the Four Seasons experienced at its sold-out shows. The "Jersey Boys” cast members faced upstage, with their backs turned toward the audience as they shared the feeling of stardom with the nostalgic crowd, some of whom were fans of the foursome since their start.

Owners Jessica and Ashley Fox pride themselves on creating a safe-space for patrons and employees by prioritizing the hiring of minorities.

Putting new meaning to the phrase '2-in-1'

Oak and Iron is breaking boundaries in Buffalo’s tattoo community as the first tattoo shop with a full-service salon, priding itself on being one of the most inclusive studios in the area.  The shop’s slogan is “keep Buffalo beautiful,” and the owners do just that. Married owners Ashley and Jessica Fox created the shop in response to the “male-dominated” tattoo community, hoping to create a safe space for patrons and employees. They prioritize hiring artists and estheticians from marginalized communities and support the community through charity efforts.

UB’s Challah for Hunger bakes Challah for their 2018 hunger relief drive.

Hungry for change

UB’s Challah for Hunger is holding its annual Campus Hunger Awareness Week from Nov. 18-22 in response to roughly 41% of four-year university and community college students who “do not know where their next meal is coming from.”  Challah for Hunger, a national organization taking action against hunger, will be selling and delivering fresh challah, a Jewish pastry, for $3 throughout the Buffalo area. Chabad of Buffalo has offered its house and supplies for the cause. Students on the Chabad board and Greek Life volunteers will be baking the challah. Patrons must preorder challah through Challah for Hunger’s online form by Nov. 15 and the group will bake and deliver the orders on Sunday Nov. 17. All proceeds will go toward local hunger relief through FeedMore WNY, a collaboration between The Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.

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