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Letter To The Editor

(10/10/01 4:00am)

A lot of people seem to be criticizing any movement towards peace in these times and I think they may have a skewed view of what a war actually is, especially a "just" war. In my view, and I am sure that many would agree, a just war is not one that is fought as a blind act of vengeance. A just war is one that is fought to ensure peace and security at the end, and ideally, liberty. Like many of you I was glad to hear that we had finally begun bombing the Taliban. The dissolution of this barbaric regime will do the world and certainly the people of Afghanistan a lot of good and it seems that this can only be accomplished by force.

Letter To The Editor

(10/05/01 4:00am)

I read Sung Moo Cho's op-ed in Wednesday's issue and, while I agree with the spirit of his argument, I think we need to go a step further. Instead of realizing that we're all Americans we need to realize that we're all humans and respect everyone, not just those living between Canada and Mexico. Nationalism caused most of the misery of the 20th century. From World War I to the Holocaust to Bosnia, the last hundred years have been full of one country or ethnic group uniting to cause pain and suffering.