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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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A guide to UB’s free services

From writing tutoring to yoga classes, there’s plenty of on-campus resources to take advantage of

<p>The Student Union hosts a wide variety of events where students can drop in to have a snack and chat with each other. &nbsp;</p>

The Student Union hosts a wide variety of events where students can drop in to have a snack and chat with each other.  

Most college students, at one point or another, struggle to juggle five classes, the never-ending search for an internship, a minimum wage job and a satisfactory social life. 

UB offers several free services on campus, like tutoring, chiropractic care, fitness classes and meditation groups. Although many of these services go unnoticed, maybe a few of these can help you or someone you know get through the semester. 

The Center for Excellence in Writing — Norton 17

Students struggling to write a conclusion to an essay, looking to join a creative writing group or trying to pass English 105 can meet one-on-one with a writing consultant to help themselves excel. The consultant provides feedback and suggestions on how to improve any assignment and can guide students toward success in future writing endeavors. 

The center is open to any student, whether you are a freshman biology major just trying to pass a prerequisite, a senior English major finishing up a 10-page essay or a soon-to-be graduate looking to polish your resume. Students are able to make an appointment on the Navigate app, or learn more here.

The Math Place — Baldy 211

Any student enrolled in ULC 148, Calculus 1 or Calculus 2 can receive free tutoring at The Math Place. There are no appointments necessary, so once you get frustrated solving derivatives in Silverman Library, you can walk right into The Math Place to get help from a tutor. 

Tutors are fellow undergraduate students. They most likely took the class that you need help with and come from a variety of different majors. They even encourage students to come in groups so everyone can study together, and you don’t have to explain the answers to your friends alone. The Math Place is open Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Students can find more information on its website

The Student Guide — Student Life Events 

UB has a page dedicated to student events and resources, including de-stressing activities, Thursday afternoon yoga, violence prevention, BIPOC drop-in support groups and extended learning master classes. The page includes a calendar of free upcoming events, news for students so you never miss a deadline, sign-up sheets for express bus tickets and new Mac-OS apps. 

The Student Union hosts a wide variety of events where students can drop in to have a snack and chat with each other. You can sign up for a club, see the event calendar or check updates here

Wellness Coaching

Any student can make an appointment online to talk with a wellness coach about common young adult struggles, like finding healthy eating habits, how to manage time and stress during the semester, and even how to make better social connections. Every student has dealt with some of these issues at some point, and making an appointment might help more than you think. 

Coaches help students reach short-term goals, discuss their values and find healthy ways to balance the college lifestyle. Students can meet with the same coach however many times they want to follow up on the help they need and  to reach their end goals. 

Coaches are paid for by the students’ health fee. While this may not completely heal students’ mental and physical well being, meeting with a coach can help ease immediate stress and help students reach their goals. 

Coaches are students in the graduate program at UB and other experienced staff members. Students are matched with a coach based specifically on their goals and what they want to achieve. Students can make an appointment in UB’s Navigate portal, or on UB’s website.

Blue Table — 230 Student Union

Blue Table is a food pantry program for UB students struggling to afford or make their own meals in the event of an emergency. Although the program is not designed to replace a meal plan or hand out free meals, students in desperate need can contact Blue Table or stop by in the Student Union. 

Students can start by completing a Blue Table intake form and then meeting with a coordinator. Blue Table offers canned fruits and vegetables, soup, cereal, pasta, canned meats, instant macaroni and cheese, and even take-home snacks like nuts, granola bars or crackers. 

Blue Table operates through donation support from UB and the Buffalo community. Its page even offers other support for students with unhealthy eating habits, students in need of emergency funds, student employment and other mental health resources. Students can request help or donate here.

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