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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Spectrum Recommends: Best Toilets on Campus

The Spectrum has compiled a list of the most secluded and cleanest commodes on campus

<p>An accessible bathroom located on the seventh floor of O'Brian comes with a table for primetime multitasking.</p>

An accessible bathroom located on the seventh floor of O'Brian comes with a table for primetime multitasking.

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in the library, walking down the Spine, trying not to fall asleep in Orgo — and then the Student Union Moe’s hits you. You need to find a bathroom. Fast.

Thankfully, UB’s three campuses are home to dozens of public restrooms. But some are better than others. We here at The Spectrum have identified the crème de la cràp for your next on-campus trip to the loo. 

Pharmacy Building (South Campus)

Bathed in suave, dim lighting to set the mood for a flush you won’t soon forget, the Pharmacy Building commodes are impeccably clean. Even better: you’ll probably be the only one there.

  • Sol Hauser

O’Brian Hall Second Floor

I’ve used dozens of bathrooms on campus. Big and small, dark and light, dirty and clean — but none of them compare to my place of refuge in O’Brian Hall. The multi-sink setup is a marvel of modern architecture, and the stalls are efficiently placed to maximize space while leaving room for comfort. The bathroom’s location is also ideal, situated between the library and the bridge to the Alfiero Center. 

  • Ryan Tantalo

O’Brian Fourth Floor

Tucked away in the quiet halls of O’Brian is what seems to be a mirage for hopeful bathroom goers. A lone, unmarked, single-stall bathroom. The bathroom’s central location and solitude from the public’s auditory and olfactory senses makes it the perfect location for the commuter pressed for time and bowel space between classes.

  • Moaz Elazzazi

Capen Hall: Honors College

Using a bathroom should be a private experience — and Capen fulfills your most boring dreams. Great-smelling soap and not a single other human can be found in this bathroom across from the Honors College and next to the Silverman elevators.

  • Xiola Bagwell

Capen Hall Fourth Floor

If you’re anything like the average UB student, you’re thinking, “Wait, Capen has a fourth floor?” It also has a fifth floor. But that’s beside the point. Capen’s fourth floor — home to several administrative offices and UB Libraries’ Special Collections room — can be accessed via either of the sets of elevators next to 1Capen. Since they’re not in a high-traffic area, the floor’s bathrooms are usually empty and are just an elevator ride away from Silverman, One World or the ground floor of Capen. 

  • Grant Ashley

Clemens Floor Eight and Squiggle Bathroom

As a student tour guide, I am obviously an authority figure on this controversial issue. From my extensive research, the restroom on the eighth floor of Clemens near the dean’s office and the CFA building holds the best toilets and restrooms on North Campus. On the eighth floor of Clemens, you not only get the restroom, you get the experience. You are greeted with a lounge chair and a fresh lemony aroma. However, if you are a Scorpio and thrive on chaos, the squiggle bathroom on the first floor of the CFA will be a better fit. 

  • Rachel Galet

Baldy Floor Three

I hesitate to divulge this perfect bathroom located next to the elevators on the third floor of Baldy Hall, so you must treat this location with respect. But should you respect this lavatory, it will reward you with the best bathroom experience on campus. It is kept perfectly clean, has quickly warm water and is located around the corner from a fantastic study spot. In addition, it is a single-user bathroom with a locking door which grants privacy for wardrobe changes, taking selfies, admiring yourself, and pooping in peace. 

  • Dominick Matarese

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