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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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We need to start preparing for the next presidential election

With Joe Biden’s blatant hypocrisy and mental disarray, we need to get smart about who we choose to lead our country

We’ve seen numerous gaffe compilations. We’ve watched Joe Biden speak gibberish on television, forget where he is and we watch his mind deteriorate on a daily basis. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, or even independent, we need to recognize that Joe Biden is too old to be president.

Some watch Biden make speeches and stare in disbelief, but are they surprised? He’s 80 years old. He’s not fully capable of coherent thought, let alone being president. 

A few months prior to the 2020 election, Biden was brought on to “The Breakfast Club” for an interview where he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you aint Black.” 

Making an excuse for the old man counting change in a grocery store is normal, but we shouldn’t have to make excuses for the president of the United States. 

Granted, the U.S. president prior to Biden was no saint. Donald Trump is the first ever ex-president to be indicted, not to mention that his vision of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico will go down as one of the most ridiculous ideas in presidential history. 

Trump’s final job approval rating was 34%.  Biden’s currently resides at 38%.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a college student. As “the future of this country,” it’s up to us to elect the next generation of public servants. The past two presidential elections, Americans have had to choose between the “lesser of the two evils” rather than between two strong candidates. 

Biden has made it clear that he’s no different than any other shady politician. Biden ran on a platform of bipartisanship, but as president he has continuously placed blame on conservatives when he fails to act on something he campaigned for. Biden claimed to be for environmental justice, but his administration just approved the Willow Project, a massive oil drilling project in Alaska.

President Biden is a great example of political hypocrisy. Showing America the true nature of the average politician will go down as one of the few favors he did for this country.

As young voters, we have the power to elect a president who has full control over their mind and a concise plan to make the U.S. a better place to live. While we should be skeptical of politicians as a whole, we hold the power to pick a candidate worthy of leading one of the most influential countries on the planet. 

It’s up to us to conduct our own research and look past the misinformation that we are spoon-fed on social media. We need to start preparing for the next presidential election as soon as possible so that we can avoid settling for candidates like our last two presidents — senile, old white men. 

Dylan Greco is the opinion editor and can be reached at



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