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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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‘I actually had my first bong hit in the stairwells’: UB students share their favorite smoke spots

Students reflect on their experiences smoking marijuana on campus

<p>UB students named Kanzawa island and Baird Point as one of the best on-campus smoking spots.&nbsp;</p>

UB students named Kanzawa island and Baird Point as one of the best on-campus smoking spots. 

Editor’s note: The Spectrum spoke on-the-record to several students who requested to remain anonymous. All students were granted anonymity due to federal and campus marijuana policies. 

With more than 1,300 acres across UB’s three campuses, students have found plenty of places to puff, puff, pass.

Although recreational usage of marijuana is legal in New York, marijuana is prohibited on campus due to federal law, forcing students to be mindful when choosing their pot spots.

One junior communication student prefers to smoke by the pillars at Baird Point. He says it’s the perfect balance between “lively” and “desolate,” giving students their own space to smoke surrounded by greenery. 

He also smokes at the nature trail behind South Lake to absorb the sunlight and observe the forest creatures and the blossoming spring flowers.

“It’s a nice long walk where you can get your thoughts out, have a moment to yourself and just embrace nature,” he said.

A recent psychology graduate frequented Kanazawa Island during her freshman year, sharing joints with her friends.  

The small island, located just outside of Wilkeson Quadrangle, is connected to the mainland with a bridge that spans Lake LaSalle. The student says she never went alone and  always shared endless laughter with friends.

But her other favorite spot was at the bottom of one of the stairways in Wilkeson.

“I actually had my first bong hit in the stairwells,” she said. “It was good, but the girl made me pay $5 for one hit.”

Another student prefers to smoke in her apartment. She didn’t like smoking in her dorm on campus due to the sensitivity of the smoke detectors. She remembers ordering a new pipe with two cherry-shaped bowls and a green leaf for last year’s 4/20. 

Excited about her new purchase, she went to her friend’s dorm in Fargo Quadrangle to smoke with her friends.

“All of a sudden, Campus Living knocks on the door,” she said. “They’re like, ‘Campus Living! We know you’re in there!’ We just acted like we weren’t in there, and eventually they just left.”

Another student prefers to drive up by the Lake Lasalle parking lot to spark up in the evening.

“It’s so peaceful,” she said. “Watching [the sunset] while high just enhances the experience. It’s very calming for me, and doing the two things I like together makes it even better.” 

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