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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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What music ‘UB’ listening to?

UB students decide which songs set the tone for the upcoming semester

<p>UB students told <em>The Spectrum </em>what songs they’re listening to this semester.&nbsp;</p>

UB students told The Spectrum what songs they’re listening to this semester. 

Songs have the ability to capture moments and epitomize the chapters of one’s life. 

The Spectrum asked UB students what songs they’re emulating this spring semester. SZA or Ice Spice might be helpful for getting out of bed and on the shuttle to class, but might be less useful when it comes to rigorous exams and endless late night study sessions. Either way, these spring semester anthems are sure to put some pep in your step and some cheer in your ear.

“Kill Bill” by SZA — Masere Kaba (sophomore early childhood education major)

Kaba fell for SZA’s vibey No. 2 Billboard Hot 100 hit (week of Feb. 4). She said the song finds its way to her ears every single time she opens TikTok. Kaba does offer one clarification though: She doesn’t entirely see eye to eye with SZA’s lyrics.

“No, I don’t wanna kill my ex! Nah,” Kaba said. “It’s something nice to listen to. It’s just a vibe.”

“S&M” by Rihanna — Saira Velez (junior theatre major)

Velez found herself drawn to the fun-loving rowdiness of Rihanna’s 2011 bop.

“My anthem… would be ‘S&M’ by Rihanna because I am going to go wild,” Velez said. “Oh, I’m gonna go wild.”

One set of lyrics particularly moves her: “Na-na-na-na-na, come on.” 

“Euphoric” by Ice Spice — Olamma Okolo (junior pharmacy major)

When Okolo listens to “Euphoric,” she envisions herself in a fast car with her red hair blowing in the wind. 

“It feels like I’m in a car and I’m riding fast like NASCAR racing, you know?” Okolo said. “My vibe this semester is just being fast-paced. I’m very fast-paced.”

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus — Haley Myruski (senior business administration major)

Myruski really connects with “The Climb” as a senior graduating this spring.

“It’s a really good song to listen to when thinking about my future and where it might lead me,” Myruski said. “It’s nerve-wracking. It’s bittersweet. I’m excited to go but also sad.”

“Act Up” by City Girls — Fatoumata Magassouba (junior biology major)

Magassouba loves the opening lyrics to “Act Up.” She said that the first line closely describes her life and the upcoming semester.

The City Girls open the track as follows: “Real ass b—h, give a f—k ‘bout a n—a.”

“Because like who gives a f—k about a n—a you know?” Magassouba said. 

“Tomorrow 2” by GloRilla (ft. Cardi B) — Tamoy Forbes (junior biological sciences major)

Forbes may adore the hip-hop sonics of “Tomorrow 2,” but she doesn’t fully endorse its message. 

“I don’t think you should follow the words because it basically says that if y’all don’t date today, y’all may have a chance tomorrow, and you should never wait for a man,” Forbes said. “Just listen to it because it’s a nice song, but don’t follow the words.”

“You” by Don Toliver (ft. Travis Scott) OR “Two” by Lil Uzi Vert — Zariyah Gravenhise (junior public health major)

One is never enough. For Gravenhise, settling on just one song to be her semester anthem was an impossible task. Instead, she opted to split her selection in two.

“You,” a Don Toliver and Travis Scott collab is already a win in Gravenhise’s eyes. The lyrics relating to her own life is just an added bonus.

Scott sings, “Before I break up out this place, take a eighth, and levitate.”

“That’s just me,” she said.

As for Lil Uzi Vert’s “Two,” Gravenhise reminisced on the nostalgia of this “Love is Rage” album-opener. It reminds her of high school’s naivety and carelessness.

The voicemail that opens “Two” features a girl trying to get Lil Uzi to wake up. This also hits home with Gravenhise.

“Wake up! Time for class!” Sanaa Stnetienne, Gravenhise’s friend and a junior law major said.

“Girl, you’re still sleeping! Get up!” Gravenhise said, imitating her alarm clock. 

“CUFF IT” by Beyonce — Danaye Maddox (freshman business major)

Much like Beyonce, freshman business major Danaye Maddox feels like falling in love and is definitely “in the mood to ‘eff something up.” 

“It’s hype. It’s lit,” Maddox said. “It’s party.” 

Whether this semester consists of acting up with the City Girls, funking up the night with Beyonce or feeling nostalgic with Miley Cyrus, with the right music blaring in your ears, May will come and go in no time. Don’t blast the music too loud though — audio exposure is a real danger! 

Alex Novak is an arts editor and can be reached at


Alex Novak is a senior arts editor at The Spectrum



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