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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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‘Bored in the house, in the house bored?’

Try these TikTok trends to keep you occupied inside

We’ve been stuck at home for a month and there is no end in sight. 

But that’s where TikTok comes in handy.

The short video-sharing social media app has surged in usage and downloads globally. According to a Music Business Weekly study, the app saw 6.2 million downloads in March, which is a 27% increase compared to February in America.

So, to keep your mind on the positives in life during such a strange time, give some of these trends a try:

#Dalgona coffee

If you haven’t already tried making whipped coffee, now is the time. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of instant coffee and sugar with warm water and whip it with a whisk or a spoon until it doubles in size. Then, pour the fluffy mixture on top of milk to enjoy the infamous Dalgona coffee.  

Although this coffee is hot on TikTok now, and was popularized as Dalgona coffee in South Korea, its origin dates back to India, Pakistan and Macao. It's been popular in these countries for decades and is called Phenti Hui or filter coffee and the only difference is that the milk is poured on top of the coffee. 

#Freeze frame

Use the freeze frame effect on TikTok and go wild. TikTok users are using this feature to manipulate their images to appear larger and freeze them onto the screen while continuing to move around in the frame. Viral clips show TikTokers dancing or sitting on their palms and hanging from the fingertips of their frozen images. Some are even coming up with creative point-of-view skits. 

#Real life at home

This trend will surely keep you occupied for a decent chunk of the day. Cafes, restaurants, bars and all sorts of recreational venues are closed. We can’t even go outside anymore, but TikTokers are bringing the outside home. 

Those turning 21 are celebrating by creating their own clubs at home, with a family member dressed as a bouncer checking their IDs. People are also building at-home Starbucks stations, themed dinners, restaurants and bars. 

#Online classes

Most of us are glued to our computers attending online classes and doing homework. While we’re missing out on the social aspect of school, people are now taking this opportunity to make goofy videos about their online classes.

Videos of students asking teachers “Can I go to the bathroom?” and recording their reactions went viral recently. Funny incidents in online classes, students pranking their professors by only mouthing words and pretending their audio isn’t working during presentations are now the new norm.

#TikTok Dances

What is TikTok without some dance moves? 

Dance trends to pop songs and remixes are highly popular on the app. Most of these dances seem easy and seamless on screen but they’re harder than they look. 

If you haven’t already heard of the “Renegade” or never had the time to master the dance, now is the time. This one is a classic when it comes to TikTok dances, as it was one of the first viral dances on the platform.

Some newer dances to learn are “Toosie Slide,” “The Box,” “Say So,” Walked In, Toes, Why is Everything Chrome and don’t forget to throw it back to “Savage.” 

#Pet life

This one’s for our furry friends. 

People are making adorable and relatable TikToks with their cats and dogs. One trend to try out with your dog on the app is triggering dog sounds. To capture how your dog reacts to certain sounds, puppy check and the learning to dog. Or you can get creative and come up with ways to document your pets to make some funny content. 

Vindhya Burugupalli is the senior multimedia editor and can be reached at 


Vindhya Burugupalli is the engagement editor for The Spectrum. She loves traveling and documenting her experiences through mp4s and jpegs. In her free time, she can be found exploring cute coffee shops and food spots.



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