The Spectrum elects 2020-21 editor-in-chief

Senior news editor Alexandra Moyen plans to give voice to minorities at UB, build on social media-based news coverage


The Spectrum’s editorial board elected Senior News Editor Alexandra Moyen, a sophomore English major, as editor-in-chief for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Moyen ran unopposed and won the election in a 16-1 vote. Her campaign platform emphasized the importance of minority voices and building upon The Spectrum’s web-based news coverage, with an emphasis on social media engagement. 

Moyen said she plans to enforce Twitter-use among editors to improve the paper’s online engagement strategy. She plans to further extend news coverage to off-campus events to increase The Spectrum’s engagement with the greater Buffalo community. 

“I’m very excited to be editor-in-chief. I can’t wait to put my new ideas out on the table, especially with the help of my managing editor,” Moyen said. “... I definitely want to give a voice to minorities on campus and make it more social-media oriented.”

Engagement editor Benjamin Blanchet called Moyen's rise to the editor-in-chief role ”impressive” and said her commitment to the newsroom will help her in the new position. Blanchet endorsed Moyen prior to the election.

“Alexandra is a driven editor who joined just last spring but, in that time, she has exhibited attention to topics that were unaddressed in past years,” Blanchet said. “Alexandra brings new energy and modern ideas which I'm hopeful to see blossom as The Spectrum celebrates its 70th year in November."

Brenton Blanchet, The Spectrum’s current editor-in-chief, said he is looking forward to the changes Moyen proposed in her campaign speech.

“I believe her web-first focus is definitely important and I also believe that her mission that our staff is accountable –– that they’re on Twitter and sharing their stories quickly and responsibly –– is incredibly beneficial [to The Spectrum].” 

Since joining in Spring 2019, Moyen has covered major events like the Black Student Union’s Black Explosion fashion show, has written features on students with intersecting identities and has interviewed distinguished speakers Yusef Salaam and Maggie Haberman. She looks forward to using her role as editor-in-chief to strengthen ties between The Spectrum and organizations like the Black Student Union while increasing the paper’s coverage of minority students and their achievements on campus. 

Brenton Blanchet recalled Moyen’s eagerness to grow as a journalist early on and says her “determination and drive” will help guide her as she takes on the new role. 

“I think she has some great years ahead,” said Blanchet.

Elizabeth Napolitano is an assistant news editor and can be reached at