Contractors ask for student input on future Student Union


The Student Union is undergoing a transformation that may include new lounge spaces and outdoor areas after this semester.

The building’s future design was up for debate Wednesday in the SU lobby, as students gave feedback to an outside development advisory firm. Representatives from Brailsford & Dunlavey, who are tasked with the Student Union Master Plan, stood by the main entrance with posters set up to showcase their ideas. The master plan will dictate students’ future use of SU and South Campus’ Harriman Hall.

Their ideas included active and quiet lounge spaces and outdoor areas. Students, faculty and Student Association members attended to give their input and provided feedback with stickers and comments.

Some comments featured unique ideas for the space while others weighed in on the concepts presented. Many students commented that individual and group study rooms would be unnecessary in the SU, as the Silverman Library in Capen already has similar rooms.

The representatives’ planning concludes this semester and UB will begin implimenting these ideas after, according to Director of Student Unions Maria Wallace.

Brailsford & Dunlavey did not comment on the price of the master plan rennovations. 

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