Sweet Home Senior High School officials remove ropes course on UB land

UB Facilities arranged for course to be removed last month


Sweet Home Senior High School officials removed the abandoned ropes course on UB land last month, according to UB Spokesperson Kate McKenna.

The Spectrum confirmed the removal Saturday, after high school and UB officials said they planned to take the course down this past November. 

The course included a rope bridge, a trust-fall pole and other structures with dozens of shoes hanging from the abandoned course. 

Director of Outdoor Pursuits Russell Crispell previously called the course a “hazard,” and UB was unaware of the course unil last year, according to McKenna in November.

McKenna wrote that the course stood since the 1980s next to the high school and high school officials stopped maintaining it a decade ago. 

UB Facilities arranged the removal, according to McKenna. 

Matt LaRoach, Sweet Home Senior High School athletic director, did not respond in time to comment.

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 Thomas Zafonte is a senior English major. He is a UB sports fan and enjoys traveling around Buffalo.