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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Letter to the editor

The UB Faculty Senate and the UB Professional Staff Senate recently, jointly and unanimously passed The University at Buffalo Office of University Shared Governance (OSG) Doctrine of Shared Governance; it has now been sent to President Tripathi for promulgation. 

As pillars of UB Shared Governance, this resolution has also been sent to all seven UB SA’s and two COAL’s for these shared governance pillars to consideration and endorsement. 

We are aware that The Spectrum’s Editorial Board has ongoing concerns about transparency at UB on their editorial page. We would also appreciate The Spectrum’s Editorial board weighing in on The University at Buffalo office of University Shared Governance (OSG) Doctrine of Shared Governance and the importance of UB’s participation in shared governance on a daily basis. As we say in the UB Office of Shared Governance, “it’s not about transparency, it’s about shared governance!”

For background, The University at Buffalo office of University Shared Governance (OSG) Doctrine of Shared Governance expresses the beliefs, understandings and desires for the inculcation of shared governance principles at UB in particular and the SUNY System in general. It is a legacy mechanism for UB Faculty Senate (FS) Chair Philip L Glick (2015-2019) and UB Professional Staff Senate (PSS) Chair Domenic J. Licata (2015-2019) as advocates for enthusiastic, relentless and sincere support for shared governance throughout the UB and SUNY system at all levels. This doctrine emerges through a renewed collaborative spirit between the FS and the PSS, is informed by the mentorship of esteemed colleagues within UB and SUNY, and is strengthened through the trials of successes and challenges. It is the Chairs’ hope that this shall serve as a prospective reminder to their successors to support and strengthen the principles of shared governance at the campus level, at the system level, and between and among the campuses and SUNY System Administration. 

Please see the actual resolution at: which addresses the Doctrine's roots in the foundational principles of shared governance in higher education in general, across SUNY and here at UB.”

The Doctrine of Shared Governance

Shared Governance is a collaboration between faculty, staff, students, administration and governing boards in carrying out the paradigm of shared governance. This collaboration includes but is not limited to: trust, collegiality, dialogue, mutual respect, sharing perspectives, listening, a shared sense of purpose, and shared accountability; always being mindful of diversity and inclusion; always remembering some of us have certain privileges and experiences of life that others have not; remaining humble, recognizing differences while remaining open to finding common ground and transparency of information. In essence, it boils down to “effective and constructive” engagement by the administration and trustees with the faculty, staff and students. Not just effective and constructive engagement, but also timely engagement. We need to be proactive, not reactive on important issues. We all need to be at the table, with a voice and a vote. 

Philip L Glick, MD MBA

Chair and Presiding Officer of the UB Faculty Senate

Domenic J. Licata

Chair and Presiding Officer of the UB Professional Staff Senate 



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