Police blotter 10/11 - 10/14

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The Spectrum


1:51 a.m.: While on patrol, University Police found an individual passed out on a bench in front of the Jacobs Management Center. The subject was transferred to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

7:39 a.m.: A female notified UPD that someone stole her engagement ring. The victim took her engagement ring off to wash her hands while using a bathroom in the Student Union. She left the bathroom without putting the ring back on. When she went back to the bathroom to retrieve the ring, a bystander told her someone else had taken the ring. UPD found footage of a possible suspect on security cameras in the union. The victim is texting them about returning the ring. 

9:01 a.m.: UPD found an injured hawk near the intersection of Flint Road and John James Audubon Parkway. UPD called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for assistance but the hawk eventually left the road. 


11:55 a.m.: A student notified UPD that someone posted their phone number on an inappropriate website and they have been receiving emails from the post with his number on it. 

1:49 p.m.: UPD seized and towed a vehicle in the Jarvis B Parking Lot for having paper dealership plates. UPD tried to contact the dealership but found no working number. 

9:09 p.m.: A cleaner on South Campus notified UPD of a male wearing dark clothing going through things outside Farber Hall. The caller stated he may have entered the building, but was gone when police arrived. 


3:33 a.m.: While on patrol, UPD saw a suspicious vehicle in the Stadium Parking Lot. UPD determined the vehicle belonged to an event worker who parked in the lot. 

5:07 a.m.: A student locked themselves out of their dorm in Red Jacket and called UPD for assistance. 

3:28 p.m.: An individual notified UPD that his grill was stolen from the Jacobs C Parking Lot during the football game. He had placed the blue Coleman tailgate grill under his car and planned on retrieving it after the game. 


3:24 a.m.: A Goodyear RA notified UPD of an intoxicated resident on the couch of the seventh floor lounge. The student was transported to Erie County Medical Center. 

3:42 p.m.: A Fargo RA reported four students to UPD for smoking marijuana inside the building. The students were compliant and referrals were issued.

10:21 p.m.: A Flickinger Court building director notified police that the building’s alarm system was triggered. UPD arrived and concluded the alarm was activated due to cooking. UPD reset the alarm.