UB’s new dining hall named ‘One World Cafe’

Engineering student wins naming contest, awarded $500 in dining dollars


 Sayre Stowell, a junior aerospace and mechanical engineering major, won a naming contest for a new international-inspired dining hall set to open in 2020.

In February, the steering committee for the global market cafe launched a contest where students could submit name ideas for the new eatery. In April, students voted on the submissions for their favorite name. Six hundred students voted, and Stowell’s name –– One World Cafe –– won with 49.45 percent of votes.

“The name for an international eatery in the heart of the campus should reflect unity and diversity, just as much as the university it represents,” Stowell said.

Campus Dining & Shops awarded Stowell $500 in dining dollars, which Vice President A. Scott Weber presented to Stowell at an award ceremony Monday in Founders Plaza.

The new dining location will connect Flint Circle to Hamilton Entrance, according to Vice Provost for Graduate Education Graham Hammill, who is directing the project. Construction is set to start in June.

Maddy Fowler is the editorial editor and can be reached at maddy.fowler@ubspecrum.com.