UB engineering professor sues former school

Javid Bayandor is suing Virginia Tech University on claims he was discriminated against


Aerospace and mechanical engineering professor Javid Bayandor is suing his former employer, Virginia Tech University for $5 million, alleging he was denied tenure because of discrimination related to disability and his Iranian background. Bayandor, who joined UB’s department of mechanical and aerospace engineering last year, declined to comment for this story. Virginia Tech University did not respond to requests for comment.

The claim, which Bayandor’s attorney Tommy Strelka filed last week, alleges the committee overseeing his renewal never offered a reason for his tenure denial. Bayandor was in a car crash in 2011 that “caused significant, permanent damage to his spine, nervous system, and left shoulder,” according to the lawsuit. Because of these injuries, he requested an extension on his tenure clock, which he received. Bayandor alleges he was unfairly required to provide an updated status report of his work for review.

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