Main Place bar conditionally approved

Buffalo’s Common Council has conditionally approved Anthony Sordetto’s application to open a bar at 3144 Main St. near South Campus. The Council’s unanimous approval is contingent on Sordetto removing the black tint from the establishment’s windows and not marketing to those under 21. Sordetto has agreed to these conditions, according to The Buffalo News. The bar’s approval is good for two years so it can be monitored and reevaluated if it becomes a nuisance.

The approval follows the SA Assembly passing a resolution against the bar and vocal opposition from local business owners and University Heights residents.

Speaker of the Assembly Mike Brown feels the Common Council gave a “reasonable compromise.”

“They addressed the code violations, prohibited the bar from marketing to minors and granted only a two-year approval so that they can monitor whether Main Place becomes a problem,” Brown said.

He is concerned that it might be difficult to ensure 24/7 transportation between campuses if there is an influx of students traveling to South Campus to go to Main Place, given UB’s recent reduction in late night busing.

“We’ll see what arises, but I’ll always defend the late-night shuttles,” Brown said.

Businesses expressed concern that Sordetto did not fill out his application thoroughly and feel there are too many “unanswered questions” about the establishment, according to The Buffalo News. The establishment also currently has black tinted windows, which violates Buffalo’s Green Code ordinance. University Heights residents fear the bar will attract rowdy, disruptive students to the University Heights area, especially because Main Place originally planned to have 18 and up events.

Many UB students, however, have expressed support for the establishment.

Main Place is expected to open within the next few weeks. It will operate Wednesday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Maddy Fowler is a news editor and can be reached at