Three vehicles struck in car accident between Augsburger and Flint Road

University police closed off the road between Augsburger and Flint, after three vehicles were struck in a car accident.

The person driving the car who started the accident was having a “medical emergency,” according to UPD Deputy Chief of Police Josh Sticht. Passersby broke the driver’s window open to get him out of the car before UPD arrived.

The accident occurred at approximately 5:01 p.m. and UPD closed off the road for roughly 30 minutes.

Sticht believes all of the people involved in the accident were UB students.

The student having the medical emergency was the only injured party and was transferred to a local hospital. Sticht said his injuries were “non-life threatening.”

Sticht could not disclose what medical emergency the student had as per HIPPA.

Ashley Inkumsah is the co-senior news editor and can be reached at