Fantasy football deep league starters for week one

Another season of football started last Thursday night and along with it comes something else everyone loves: fantasy football.

Whether you won your league last year or you were dead last, there are a few things to keep in mind so your team can make the playoffs.

Last year was awful in terms of running backs, but it was also a fantastic year for wide receivers. Here are my deep league starters for week one.

Players to start:

QB Derek Carr, @New Orleans

Many of you probably have Tom Brady in your back pockets for when he returns, so riding a QB until he’s back is vital. Derek Carr is definitely someone you want to play this week. He’s playing the Saints, who had one of the worst pass defenses in history last season. With the offensive weapons of Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree and Latavius Murray, Carr will be more than serviceable as a starting QB this week.

WR Sterling Shepard, @Dallas

Odell Beckham Jr. is definitely on your starting lineup this week, but there is another WR on the Giants who I also like. Sterling Shepard will definitely receive targets from Eli Manning, because of Dallas trying to shut down OBJ. Victor Cruz still has yet to prove he can come back from injury and be effective. I think Shepard will be a good complement to OBJ.

TE Coby Fleener, vs. Oakland

Coby Fleener is a fantastic pick this week because of the fact that Drew Brees loves to throw to his tight ends. We all know that tight ends are the one position that is difficult to get right. Unless you have Rob Gronkowski, this position is something that you’re not 100 percent certain you can guarantee points from, so Fleener may be worth a flier as a potential breakout.

San Francisco 49ers defense, vs. Los Angeles

If your league is 12 to 16 people, chances are you’re probably streaming defenses if you didn’t get one of the elites. The 49ers aren’t a particularly skilled defense, but they’re facing off against the Rams, who have Case Keenum starting at quarterback this week. When it comes to defense, riding the team with a favorable matchup is usually a good call.

WR Davante Adams, @Jacksonville

This may come as a surprise for most people since Davante Adams didn’t pan out last season. It’s easy to forget Adams is still just 23, and was forced into a role he wasn’t ready to fill last year after Jordy Nelson went down. With Randall Cobb manning the slot, Adams should still see significant snaps for the explosive Packers offense on the outside. Adams played his best football at the end of last season and in what could be a shootout, he should make an impact.

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