Some of the best gen eds to take at UB with new requirements set for incoming class

It might still be snowing but don’t let the weather fool you – the end of the school year is closing in on us. Summer is close, which means ignoring all of your student debt for a few months by tanning your skin and filling your body with fermented beverages. For those of us who aren’t graduating this year summer also means planning classes for next year.

Picking classes might seem simple but clicking that enroll button on the wrong class can result in a semester’s worth of regret. With the new changes to UB’s general education requirements, it might seem even harder to decide what to take next year. Here are some general education classes to fill some of those new requirements.

STA 119 – Statistical Methods

In statistics, you’ll learn about functions and graphs. Graphs are like lines, only fancier. This class has something else to offer besides learning about lines’ fancier cousin – concepts aren’t nearly as difficult to grasp when compared to something like calculus. Statistics will fulfill theMathematical and Quantitative Reasoning portion of the new general education requirements.

When you’re done, you’ll have finally used that $200 calculator you bought in high school for more than spelling out inappropriate words with just letters. This is a math class, obviously, but according to the course description it’s geared mainly toward science majors.

PHY 121LLB – Descriptive Astronomy 1

Astronomy is the study of stars. This class might be easier than something like biology or chemistry – plus you also get to learn about black holes.

What could be cooler than black holes? “Nothing” is the only correct answer to that question. So reach for the stars . . . or at least look at them in a textbook every day. This class fulfills part of the Scientific Literacy and Inquiry requirement.

ENG 207 – Introduction to Writing Poetry and Fiction

Get the right side of your brain working and take a class in creative writing. Unlike most writing classes where you are assigned a specific topic that you have to write about, creative writing classes allow you the freedom to write about literally whatever you want.

Want to write a poem about your cat? Go for it. Get an A on it. Give your cat some Fancy Feast. Or just write a story about how the universe is slowly dying. Whatever theme you want to go for, dark or light or something in between - you get to decide. The autonomy is a mixture of glorious creative freedom and simple to understand assignments.

This class fulfills the Communication Literacy II requirement.

APY 377 – Magic, Sorcery & Witchcraft

Nope, this isn’t a class at Hogwarts and you won’t be brewing potions or learning how to correctly pronounce spells like “Wingardium levi-oh-sa.” What a shame –but the good news is that you’ll learn about how magic is interpreted in different cultures across the world and throughout time.

This class falls under the Myth and Language sub-section of the Thematic Pathways requirement.

Talk to an adviser if you have questions or would like advice when it comes to making your schedule for next year. They get paid for a reason – take advantage of the services they offer if you’re unsure about whether to take a class on this list.

John Jacobs is the assistant features editor and can be reached at