News briefs: Capitol Hill shooting causes lockdown

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FBI takes computers from Buffalo Police Department

The FBI took several computers and cell phones from the Buffalo Police Department’s Intelligence Unit last week in an unknown investigation, according to WGRZ. This unit has been known to deal with investigations into gangs and drug dealers in the Buffalo area. Buffalo Police is cooperating with the investigation.

Syracuse men and women’s basketball teams make Final Four

Syracuse University became the ninth school to have both its men and women’s basketball teams reach the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament in the same year.

The women won its first-ever regional championship after defeating Tennessee 89-67 Sunday and the men’s team also solidified its position in the Final Four with a 68-62 upset of Virginia.

The women’s team will move on to face Washington in the national semifinals. The men’s team will play North Carolina in the national semifinals in Houston. The winners of these games will advance to the national championship game in the NCAA Tournament.


Capitol Hill shooting causes area lockdown in Washington D.C.

Gunfire caused a stir in the Capitol Hill area Monday after a police officer shot a man who allegedly pulled out a weapon and pointed it at officers.

The man, later identified as Larry Russell Dawson, drew the alleged weapon during a routine screening while inside the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. A police officer was also shot during the gunfire exchange, but his injuries are not life-threatening. The area is a popular tourist spot and many who were visiting were asked to leave after the shooting and before the lockdown began. Dawson sustained injuries during the shooting and was taken to surgery. His condition is currently unknown.

FBI claims to have cracked San Bernardino gunman’s phone

After Apple Inc. publicly refused to help the FBI gain access to Syed Farook’s iPhone, government officials say they were able to retrieve data stored in the phone without the company.

Farook – who was one of two gunmen in the San Bernardino terrorist attacks in December – may have data on his phone that could help the FBI with the case. Apple released a public statement upon being asked for help by the FBI giving reasons for their refusal, citing it may lead to hackers finding ways to get into other iPhone users’ phones. Government officials would not give details as to how they got into Farook’s phone but stated their method could only be used on the iPhone 5C, the model Farook had.


Bombings in Pakistan kill more than 70

A bombing that occurred in a park in Lahore, Pakistan killed 72 and injured 341 on Sunday – most of the victims being women and children, according to CNN. The Easter Sunday attack targeted Christians who were celebrating the holiday. A military spokesperson said three locations were raided and suspects were arrested, however no details as to who had been arrested were given. A group of the Pakistani Taliban called Jamaat ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attacks and said they were planning additional similar attacks.

Search for suspects involved in Brussels attack continue

Two men seen on surveillance footage from the scene of the Brussels, Belgium bombings still have yet to be found. The March 22 bombings killed 35 people and injured 300 others, according to CNN. The two men are among eight suspects European officials are continuing the search for, including daily police raids. Three men were arrested and charged on Monday for “participating in the activities of a terrorist group.” One man who was first identified as one of the attack’s leaders and charged with “terrorist murder” was later set free.

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