Letter to the editor: UB students not getting enough out of athletics fee is their own fault

In UB Student Association Assembly discusses conflict-free task force, athletics fee (posted 2-25-16) the students state that they do not get what they expect to get for the athletics fee that they pay. The reason that they feel that way may be their own fault. The fee allows them to attend UB home games for free. My question then is where are they?

At the beginning of February I was back at UB for meetings of the UB Alumni Association Board of Directors. In less than 24 hours I was able to see five teams in action (women’s tennis and both swimming and diving teams and both basketball teams). The lack of student attendance at these events was appalling. In addition to getting an education one of the things that you do while in college is to support your school’s athletic teams. Students have paid for the right to see the games for free. They should exercise that right and support their fellow students as they represent their future alma mater.

If the students feel that they do not get enough out of their athletic fee it is because they are not taking advantage of what they have already paid for. Get out of your dorm room or apartment come to the games and get more for your fee. Who knows you just may see the next Khalil Mack before the rest of the world knows who he is and you can say “I saw Mack when I was in college and he was an unknown”.

Ronald Balter

Brooklyn, New York

UB 1980

I am a member of the UB Alumni Association Board of Directors and UB Athletic Hall of Fame. These views are my own and do not represent the views of any other organization.