​Secret study spots at UB

A few alternatives to the crowded libraries during finals week


To study, you only really need notes, motivation and space.

Notes should have come from all these months of hard work – or maybe not – and the motivation has got to come from somewhere other than a newspaper article. That being said, The Spectrum can help you find the spaces to cram the night before your final exam.

The last week of the semester has the libraries packed wall to wall, so where do you go to get some peace of mind from all the obnoxious people blasting their headphones next to you? Here are some alternatives places to study so you can be the most productive you can be.

Park Hall lounge

The lounge looks very similar to the first floor lounge in Baldy Hall – there are desks, gray pod seats, a counter encircled by several high chairs and little traffic. You can find it opposite of the Baldy walkway, across the bridge and down the stairs. There are even some vending machines over there, so there’s no need to trek upstairs for a study-break snack.

O’Brien Hall third floor lounge

This is probably the best location on the list.

It has several long tables each outfitted with a large screen TV compatible with your computer. It’s perfect for any group project because it provides enough space for people to work alongside one another. You’ll find all the maturity of the law school students who do finals week work every week, so make sure to keep your voices down and be respectful. Plus, the view is a refreshing change from staring into the dingy hole in the middle of Lockwood.

Baird Hall second floor music student lounge

The room isn’t very big, but you won’t want to be anywhere else after you experience the peace found there.

It’s a pretty remote area of campus, so you’ll seldom encounter an annoying couple flirting. P.S. – if you’re a couple, please, keep it out of the library. Sorry, but nobody cares about you and Jim getting back together.

There are many desks, so there are a lot of options to sit.

Slee Hall auditorium

For whatever reason, this place almost always has its lights on and finding an unlocked door to get in isn’t hard.

Other than the occasional custodian moving around equipment, traffic in the auditorium is limited. It also has a church-like silence.

There isn’t really any desk surface to use, but the chairs are certainly comfortable. It’s also a perfect spot if you have classes at nearby Clemens Hall, the Center for the Arts and Alumni Arena.

Center for the Arts theatre balcony

The entire Center for the Arts is a great place to study, but this spot specifically –provided there isn’t a show going on in the doors behind you – has tranquility, a neat upstairs view of the updated building and plenty of natural light. The atmosphere is very calming, which helps you focus on what’s in front of you – not all the other things you’d rather be doing.

Aubrey McLaughlin is a features staff writer. Features desk can be reached at features@ubspectrum.com.