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Buffalo to host 2018 U.S. Hockey World Junior Championship

It was announced Friday that Buffalo will be the 2018 host of the U.S. Hockey World Junior Championship (WJC). This is the second time the tournament will be hosted in Buffalo and the sixth time held in the United States, according to USA Hockey also announced there will be an outdoor hockey game held in Ralph Wilson Stadium during the tournament. This is the first outdoor hockey game held by WJC.

Fatal crash causes nearly six hours of traffic

A fatal car crash on the Buffalo Thruway caused almost six hours worth of traffic jam on Thursday. The accident occurred after one vehicle – which was cut off while merging onto the I-90 – lost control and struck a vehicle, according to WIVB. Louis Martin, the driver of the vehicle that was struck, then struck a tractor trailer and both vehicles ended in the median of the roadway.

According to New York State Police, Martin was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash closed the left lanes in both directions, resulting in the major traffic jam. The crash occurred around 3 p.m. and the lanes weren’t re-opened until shortly after 9 p.m.


Wife in San Bernardino shooting pledged allegiance to ISIS in Facebook post

A shooting at a social service center on Wednesday in San Bernardino, California left 14 dead and 21 wounded. The FBI is now treating the incident as a terrorism case, according to The New York Times. Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik opened fire at the center where Farook was employed around 11 a.m. Central Time.

Malik reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS on Facebook around the time of the shooting, however the FBI states the couple’s exact motives are still unknown at this time. During a search of Farook and Malik’s home, 12 pipe bombs along with several guns and rounds of ammunition were found. Officials believe that due to the high amount of weaponry the couple was planning another attack.

U.S. military combat positions open to women

In a historic ruling, all U.S. combat positions – including infantry, some special operations units and reconnaissance – are now open to women, according to CNN. This allows women to fill over 200,000 jobs that were previously limited to men.

Although there was public push-back from the general public and organizations like the Marine Corps, Defense Secretary Ash Carter came forward to say that the military is a “joint force” and went through with the decision. The women must qualify and meet the standards of each position prior to joining. The policy will take full effect after 30 days.


Three people stabbed in a London tube station

Police are investigating a stabbing that occurred Saturday evening in a London tube station. A man was taken to a London police station after stabbing three individuals shortly after 7 p.m. While one victim sustained serious injuries, the two others suffered only minor injuries, according to CNN. All victims are expected to fully recover.

London police subdued the attacker after officers fired a stun gun at him. After the Paris attacks last month, ISIS announced the United Kingdom was a targeted place to carry out another attack. Because of this, European officials are treating this as a terrorist attack.

Suicide bombers attack a market in Chad

In a series of coordinated attacks, three suicide bombers targeted a market in Chad Saturday. The attacks killed 27 people and injured about 80 others. According to CNN, the bombers attacked three different parts of the marketplace.

No group has currently claimed responsibility for the attacks, however officials believe Boko Haram – a militant Islamic group from Northern Nigeria – carried them out, as they share similarities to previous attacks they have done in the past.

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