Mikal Cronin set to play at Mohawk Place Tuesday

California musician makes his way to Buffalo to perform downtown


Mikal Cronin will be performing at Mohawk Place in Buffalo on Tuesday.

The singer-songwriter from Laguna Beach, California has slowly been making a name for himself in the rock world. Originally gaining clout by playing and making music with Ty Segall, the young musician has recently been showing his desire to make his own mark and releasing solo material.

His most recent album, MCIII, is a conceptual pop rock album about self-discovery and self-acceptance. The album, so radically different from his early garage rock albums, exemplifies his growth as a musician.

Cronin talked to The Spectrum about life on the road and his career as a musician.

The SpectrumWhat the worst thing about touring?

Cronin: It's definitely missing your people and comforts back home. Also for me it's the lack of private space and time, being constantly surrounded by people in the van is hard for me, no matter how great they all are.

TSHave you ever been to Buffalo before ?

Cronin: Yes, a handful of years ago.

TS: How does your sound change from album to album?

Cronin: My hopes are that they get a bit more sophisticated in songwriting and arrangements, because that's what I focus on improving each time!

TSWhere do you get your inspiration to write ?

Cronin: Just living and thinking about living.

TSWhat inspired you to start playing music ?

Cronin: I always played music since I was a kid, my mom is a musician and started me and my siblings out on piano really young. I started playing music with people once I found friends who were on the same page.

TSWhen was the shift to start making music professionally?

Cronin: I guess it was officially right after I graduated from college in 2011. I pretty much immediately went on the road a few days after graduation, and haven't stopped much since.

TSHow was it working with Ty Segall ?

Cronin: It's good. We've known eachother since high school and played in a band together then. So yeah we're locked in.

TSYou have so many musical projects - which one is most important to you?

Cronin: My own solo stuff, definitely.

TSWhich one is most fun?

Cronin: They're all fun for different reasons, but I miss some of my silly crazy punk or whatever bands. I want to start another dumb band that just plays house parties.

TSWhat's next?

Cronin: Gonna write new songs after all this touring! And touring with Ty Segall.

TSHow do you relax after a tour?

Cronin: I try to be as boring and domestic as possible. A lot of Netflix and cooking and stuff. I have a comfortable mattress ... That usually lasts only a few days and then write and practice again. 

Brian Windschitl is the senior arts editor and can be reached at brian.windschitl@ubspectrum.com. Follow him on Twitter at @_brnwnd