A guide to Buffalo tailgating essentials

How to enjoy a tailgate without hurting your wallet


It’s almost fall, which means the leaves begin to change, the weather slowly turns from scorching hot to tolerable chilly and most importantly, football is back in the swing of things.

And what better way to celebrate football season than with everyone’s favorite pre-game activity: tailgating.

Buffalo could be considered an epicenter for football activities. Buffalo Bills fans are known nationally for their tailgates at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park on Sundays. Tailgating on a small scale happens on Saturdays outside UB Stadium. Tailgating gives football fans and revelers alike the opportunity to absorb a true football atmosphere.

But it comes with a price.

To enjoy a tailgate experience, you must have the essentials. What’s a tailgate without food and drinks? Those amenities could get pricey as the weeks draw out. But how can one maximize his or her tailgate experience without damaging his or her wallet?

The Spectrum has you covered:

Make your own burgers

The easiest way to save money is to make your own hamburgers before you put them on the grill at your respective tailgating destination. At Wegmans, a box of “Bubba Burgers,” pre-made, frozen burger patties, will set you back $11.49 for a box of eight.

Ground beef will only cost $2.99 per pound. If the patties are made the night before, you can bring them to the tailgate pre-made and begin the grilling process. Make sure to buy Wegmans-brand hamburger rolls, which will only cost you $1.49 for a package of eight.

Forget the fix-ins

It’s always common to pair your favorite tailgating entrée with a side dish, but it’s not needed at a tailgate. A three-pound serving of potato salad will run you $11.99 at Wegmans and a pound of macaroni salad will be $3.99/pound.

It’s not always necessary to have the side dishes at a tailgate. But if you do insist on your favorite fix-in, make it yourself. You can pick up a pound of russet potatoes for about a dollar and a box of elbow macaroni for $.99. If each dish requires mayonnaise, you can grab a Wegmans-brand 30 fluid oz. container for $3.49.

Buy in bulk

What’s a tailgate without cracking open a cold one?

Beer has, and always will be, a staple at tailgates around the country, whether you’re a college student or not. But beer could get pricey, especially if you don’t know which brands to buy.

If you’re looking to drink, you probably aren’t the only person to do so. It’s better to team up with a couple of friends and buy the alcohol in bulk. Specialized brands such as Corona and Stella Artois will run you back $8.49 per six bottles of beer. You can also create your own six-pack of beer for $9.99.

For the money-saving crowd, a 30-rack of Bud Light and locally brewed Labatt Blue will only run you $19.99.

All prices were based on the Wegmans – Alberta Drive location.

Jordan Grossman is the co-Senior Sports Editor and can be reached at sports@ubspectrum.com Follow him on Twitter at @jordanmgrossman