Success is a journey, not a destination


There have been a plethora of times when other people, including myself, have viewed someone’s life and wished it to be their own.

That is something almost everyone has experienced in college, whether it may be freshman year, or four years down the road. You might even be like me, a graduating English major without much of a plan after graduation. No matter the case, everyone should look back and be proud of the person they have become. You should never wish to travel in someone else’s shoes – instead, learn from all your own different experiences.

I’m not saying everyone should rely on fate to guide us, but we should all have faith that life’s journeys and our decisions will safely guide us to our destination.

My experience at UB has guided me through numerous doors I never expected to even see. From incredibly intelligent and wise professors, a multitude of immensely unique friends and experiences one would only dream about, my experiences have shaped me.

To start, a memory I will always look back on and smile during my hardest hours of my new journey is the time I stopped in London with my Berlin, Germany study abroad group.

After a long night of venturing out around the town on New Year’s Eve, Jordan Oscar, Emma Fusco, Brian Windschitl, Natalie Humphrey, Andy Koniuch and myself all shoved ourselves onto the extra mattress our host provided and laughed about the night’s festivities. 

It was a crazy notion that I had finally made the decision to venture to a foreign country with a group of strangers who are now great friends.

This team of people along with others, such as the editor in chief, Sara DiNatale, and professor Jody Biehl, introduced me to The Spectrum, which also altered my college experience and made me grow as a person.

Berlin and The Spectrum have helped prepare me for my next journey, wherever that may be.

One thing I know for certain is that I am prepared for any interviews I will take on!

The knowledge I have obtained through my education, the people I’ve met and my experiences in college have helped me through the many decisions I have had to make and changes I have had to go through during my college career. I can easily say that is something that I would not have known back in middle school or high school. It is a knowledge I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Specifically, thank you, Spectrum team, for helping push me to exceed my own expectations of myself.

Stephen Guetti, thank you for teaching me that comedy is the cure to almost all serious events in life. Also, for showing me the ropes in media and what hard work looks like.

Jordan Oscar, Emma Fusco and Natalie Humphrey, thank you for helping me during the stressful moments in life, like the time I waited two hours in line for a burrito at Mustafa’s that ended up being chicken instead of vegetarian.

Thank you to all other friends, old and new, who have helped with my stressful, life-altering, adventurous and fun college experience. I hope that as I walk down the new path in my life, I will see all of you venturing down there with me.

Marissa Fielding is a features staff writer and can be contacted at