The grapevine: Buffalo's indie concert showcase

A comprehensive breakdown of Buffalo’s weekly best sonic selections


This week some indie acts – some burgeoning, some successful – will be playing across Buffalo. From a four-guitarist band that slays live shows to a light-hearted electro group from Rochester, Buffalo’s final days of March and first days of April bring a diverse spread of artists to usher in spring. Do yourself a favor – get out and get dancing.

Monday, March 30

Diarrhea Planet – Mohawk Place

On Monday Diarrhea Planet will be heading down to Buffalo to show off its live set. The six-member band, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, has a distinctive style centered on the use of four guitars over the drums and bass. The group’s live shows have gained notoriety among punk rock junkies. Performance antics often include members of the band crowd surfing on inner tubes and climbing stage beams.

Tuesday, March 31

Neil Diamond – First Niagara Center

There are parties, and then there are parties where there are a lot of drunken people singing “Sweet Caroline” in slurred, endearingly off-key voices. We’ve all been there. It’s fun, and relatively embarrassing. But for the first time ever, you can say you’ve sang “Sweet Caroline” with Neil Diamond, himself.

Wednesday, April 1

The Decemberists – Center for the Arts

The Decemberists is a powerhouse in the folk rock scene these days. From its debut EP, 5 Songs, in 2001, the band has gone on to receive a Grammy nod in 2011, for its song, “Down By the Water.” The band’s success is not without cause; it has been praised for its musical diversity with instruments, lyricism and spectacular live shows.

Thursday, April 2

Lil Bibby – Waiting Room

Over the years, Buffalo has been the stopping place for numerous young rappers who are trying to find their footing in the industry. The local venues are open to booking young talent. Some young rappers who have come here, have later found widespread acclaim, such as A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino and Tyler, The Creator. Lil Bibby, a 20 year old from Chicago, is following in their footsteps. He will be performing at the Waiting Room – an appropriate venue name for the hopeful, burgeoning artist.

Friday, April 3

Cookie Monsta and Funtcase – Town Ballroom

Cookie Monsta and Funtcase are pure dubstep DJs. Their mixes have all the heavy drops any bass head needs to head-jam for a couple hours straight. The duo will be performing at Town Ballroom, and the performance will not be for the light-hearted who prefer pop or country. This concert will be loud and rowdy, and at the end of the night, your body will hurt from dancing and your ears will be ringing.

Saturday, April 4

Joywave – Town Ballroom

Joywave is a fun indie electro band with a home not too far from Buffalo, in Rochester. Undoubtedly, some hometown fans will help fill the Town Ballroom on Saturday. The five-piece outfit has a fun, bouncy electro style that combines all of the instrumental elements with countless mixed and remixed tunes; the band’s live shows include snippets of remixes of other vocals and beats, added on top of original mixes and the live band. The concert will be easy and painless, just listen and enjoy.

Sunday, April 5

Bleachers – Town Ballroom

Formed when Jack Antonoff of Fun was touring in 2012, Bleachers takes the pop sound of Fun and gives it a new, slick ’80s-pop feel. The snazzy hooks, intricate vocalization and feel-good rock are a perfect way to escape from reality for a bit. Head to the Town Ballroom on Sunday for a couple hours and dance away your worries to Bleacher’s expansive, larger-than-life pop rock.

Brian Windschitl is an arts editor and can be reached at