Cookin' up something good

A foodie playlist for cooking, eating and everything in between

The Spectrum’s food issue is here – and what would it be, other than incomplete, if it did not have a playlist about food? This playlist was catered for the moments of good eats. Here’s a list of delectable records, specially prepared for aural consumption, to recreate the feelings you have when you eat your favorite meal. Bon appétit.

“Cooking Up Something Good” – Mac Demarco, 2

You have to cook before you can eat. Mac Demarco, with his off-brand goofy blend of indie rock and jangle pop, sings about dealing with the hard times. “Just let it go,” Mac sings in the chorus of the song. Well said, indeed.

“Maximum Consumption” – The Kinks, Everybody’s In Showbiz

The Kinks like to fantasize. Here, they just make your mouth water by singing about all of the different types of food they want to eat. This is for the moment right before the meal is done cooking. All you want to do is eat.

“Sweet Thing” – Twin Peaks, Wild Onion

Twin Peaks has a soft blues-rock vibe. Here, the band sings about love and relationships, “You’re such a sweet, sweet thing.” Twin Peaks captures the first bites of that long awaited meal. Bliss.

“Cherry Pie” – Warrant, Cherry Pie

A rational thought to have while you’re half finished with the first course is, “What do I want for dessert?” Warrant’s classic hit song “Cherry Pie” is about the excitement that comes with picking a dessert. “Look so good bring a tear to your eye,” he sings.

“Eat or Be Eaten” – Iggy Pop, Zombie Birdhouse

A commercial failure, Zombie Birdhouse was an experimental stage for Iggy Pop. You can hear the tension in his music. It feels jumbled and chaotic. It’s the same feeling of trying to force down those last bites of food. There are still dessert decisions to come, but the meal is too good to throw out.

“Apple Pie À La Mode” – Destiny’s Child, Survivor

Destiny’s Child has the grooves and in this song they sing about sweet seduction. “Chocolate-covered strawberry, apple pie à la mode,” the pop group sings. The dessert selections can always be a struggle. They all look so good – a feeling captured by Destiny’s Child’s syrupy sweet R&B track.

“You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” – Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Spoon is a master of feel-good, hopeful rock music. Like Demarco, one of Spoon’s lines is, “Let it go.” It’s at this moment when the eating has to stop. Despite how much you might want to continue, you just don’t have any more room in your stomach. These things happen – and Spoon will be there to help you into your final food coma.

“Coffee” – Sylvan Esso, Coffee

When you are feeling tired from digesting so much food, Sylvan Esso has a slow, psych-heavy electro-pop track to listen to at the end of the meal. Everything is cleaned up, and the plates have been put away. All that’s left is to have a nice cup of warm coffee or tea and relax on the couch with your food baby.

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