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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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What's More Important?

Music - a simple word with the power to evoke some of the most passionate reactions and feelings of fulfillment I have ever seen.

I recently got into a much larger than needed argument about what's more important when listening to music - the lyrics or the instrumentals - and the more we got into the debate, the more I realized how irrelevant the fight really was.

Personally, I am an instrumental person. I thoroughly enjoy rocking out to the instrumentals and the variations of layered guitar riffs and the syllabic drum beats. I like to see how bands can take such a limited amount of musical notes and use these scales so creatively. I love to hear the different chord combinations and how bands break the boundaries of the music, using previous rock 'n' roll influences to come up with something new and innovative.

The other side of the argument presented during the debate was that lyrics are the most important part of music. The singer's words are emotional, and are revelations to whoever will listen to them. The lyrics can be so inspirational and relatable, and even have the power to save people's lives.

After debating more and more, I realized that music is what you make of it. Similar to the Bible, lyrics are your own interpretation of the words and satisfaction that they provide. To me, the importance of music is maintaining contentment, a quality that keeps the listeners turning to the same songs over and over again when dealing with life's issues. We all relate to music in different ways, with different people interpreting the music and making it their own experience.

No one should tell you how to listen to music or what to take away from it. The musicians are pouring their hearts and souls to the audience during their live shows with the lyrics and the instrumentals they spent countless hours producing. They appreciate any respect from the audience and wouldn't want their fans arguing over the two elements they create. The bands write their music, they want to be heard, and they want their fans to enjoy it however they want.

So, here's some advice: just keep on listening to your music however you want to. Bands are equally passionate about what they produce on both fronts of the musical field. The listeners' enjoyment relates directly to the bands' motivation to continue doing what they do.

So turn on your iPod and let the music play. Just be content with what you're listening to and how you're listening to it.




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