Regaining the Crown

The Spectrum

The music industry has stumbled upon one of the best anti-piracy ideas of all time. They are going to revert back to the way things used to be: vinyl.

This is not just good news for the industry fat cats that will see their wallets return to their nice plump size, but also music fans can rejoice. Finally music is being produced in the format that is most suiting.

I am what most people would consider a music snob. When someone says a band name wrong or butchers the lyrics to a song, I'm the first one to correct them. As a music snob, I am ecstatic that vinyl is resurging.

In every aspect vinyl is better than MP3s. The music is crisper than in MP3 format. The instrumentation is clearer than any other format. Every riff is at the forefront, which adds to the general enjoyment of the record.

As a music aficionado, I get goose bumps when I listen to a record on vinyl for the first time. There is always something new that you cannot hear on digital versions of the song.

I have purchased a lot of my favorite albums on vinyl, and even though I have listened to those albums enough to recite them without even listening to them, when I listen to them on vinyl I notice something new.

MP3s are the same files as a vinyl, except MP3s are compressed to make them small and easy to download. This affects the music because the same music file is made into a smaller version, causing much of the original recording to be drowned out by the rest of the song.

Obviously you can not take vinyl on the go – although that would be so sweet – but the unaltered versions of the album makes it so it does not even matter if you have music on the go.

When it comes to collecting music, vinyl reigns supreme as well. Where a CD gets scratched from just taking it out of the case, vinyl can take more of a beating.

Vinyl now costs as much as a CD, so it makes sense that if you are going to purchase an album to buy it on vinyl.

If you don't believe me that vinyl has an unmatched sound, go spend a few dollars on a used classic album you love and put it on. Guaranteed you notice a handful of things you never noticed before.

There is a saying "they don't make music like they used to," which is just untrue. Classic music had the luck of being pressed on vinyl, so naturally it sounds better than music that is made as MP3s.

Vinyl is the best music recording format of all time. The resurgence of vinyl is a great thing for music lovers. Toss a record on and experience the best music you will hear in a long time.