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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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A Different Kind of Clubbing

Congratulations to those who have been accepted into The University at Buffalo. Many have spent their summer preparing for their upcoming freshman year and they should be excited because this is one year that will most likely be engrained in memory forever.

While it is important to find the perfect bedspread, flat screen T.V., and wardrobe, nobody should forget to mentally prepare, because life as they know it is about to transform drastically.

Going away to school for the first time can be foreign and overwhelming with many adjustments, but UB hopes to make the transition a little smoother.

"UB is such a large school that it's easy to get lost in the crowd," said Meghan McMonagle, a junior psychology major and vice president of the undergraduate Student Association. "Joining Student Association clubs is the easiest way to make the campus smaller and to find friends who share your interests."

Getting involved in clubs in college often makes the experience more fulfilling. It opens new doors for students, introduces them to new people and friends, keeps students active and busy, and also looks great on a resume.

UB is a diverse campus because of the vast variety of clubs available to students.

UB encourages students to welcome and accept diversity, open horizons, and step outside boundaries. Do not be afraid to take a chance and join something unfamiliar, one will see how rewarding and enriching it is once they step outside the comforts of what they're used to.

UB has clubs dedicated to religion, international cultures, sports, dances, politics, theatre, gaming, and more. There's even a Pokemon club. Even if a student wasn't such a fan of joining clubs in high school, which is understandable, here at UB, it is different.

"Students organize and run each of our clubs providing leadership opportunities and more exciting events to all undergrads," McMonagle said. "You could be traveling with the Lacrosse team to Boston one weekend and white-water rafting with our Outdoor Adventure Club the next."

Whether it's from sororities and fraternities, club basketball, or skiing, clubs make college worthwhile because there is always something to do. UB's clubs are always looking to expand and absorb new people. After all, that's what the college experience is all about.

Judy Mai, a junior health and human services major and member of Lesbian/Gay and Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (LGBTA), encourages all students to join a club whether it be the LGBTA or another.

"You don't have to be in the LGBTA community to be a part of the club," Mai said. "Allies are welcomed as well. I am not LGBTA and I still love it because I am an advocate. The LGBTA is a safe club on campus where you won't be judged for who you are… even if the LGBTA is not the club for you, get involved with any club on campus! …If you don't find what you're looking for [then] start one."

Students who have an idea for a club that UB doesn't offer are invited to start their own. As long as students have gathered 10 full-time UB students, completed a club packet, and received approval from the SA Senate, the club is good to go.

"I started my involvement with SA on the club level," said JoAnna Datz, Student Association president. "Immediately, I was amazed with everything that SA offers to the students."




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