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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Endorsement for UB Council

Joshua Boston earns endorsement from The Spectrum

The last thing any UB student wants to talk about, much less read about is another election process. But this one is kind of a big deal.
No, it isn't for a Student Association position but rather a job that exerts a tremendous influence on the inner workings of this university. Many students are unaware of what the UB Council actually does.
The UB council acts as the primary oversight and advisory body to the president and senior officers here at UB. The body is charged with reviewing all major plans and activities of the university in areas from academics to buildings and grounds.
The Council has some major pull.
Joshua Boston represents the best candidate to represent the student population on the Council. Boston has served and excelled in every leadership position he has attained here at UB.
As for his credentials, he has served as editor to both The Spectrum and Visions Magazine in addition to being the chairperson for SA's Election and Credentials committee.
For full disclosure, Boston did work as a managing editor here at the The Spectrum. That link may discourage some from viewing the endorsement as unbiased, but it is not the case. Many of the editors currently on staff were not working with Joshua as he hasn't worked at the paper for two years. Nonetheless, we feel that he is the right guy for the job.
Boston's campaign is not filled with an agenda but rather a promise to the student body to advocate for them. The decisions by this council significantly influences student's lives with every choice it makes.
These are uncertain times for UB. The expansion plan UB 2020 has been delayed yet again. The incoming freshman class of 2014 will be one of the largest and highest scoring class ever to enroll at UB.
Anyone paying attention to recent events has seen the schools budget cut, tuition raised and facility cuts and new building projects delayed. There is no one better to represent the needs of the student body on this Council then a recent graduate like Boston.
Again this endorsement only serves as a recommendation to the student body. Students should go and learn about these candidates and make an informed choice. Voting for the council will occur April 6th to 8th at



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